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Добрый день!

MWC 2022 highlights - Nokia G11 and Nokia G21


  • Добрый день! Скажите пожалуйста,

    можно ли в телефоне Nokia G10 сделать открытый доступ для всех людей для скачки определённых файлов(Подкастов) за пять рублей за каждое скачивание? В общем-то Я хочу продавать востребованный товар на интернет площадках. Есть специализированные сайты Америки, а в России таких сайтов нет, если я буду продавать подкасты через сайты Америки, то боюсь ни все и государство меня не поймут, да и мало ли, вдруг Америка какие-то финансовые махинации начнёт мутить??!??! Или же стоит зарегистрировать сайт для продажи подкастов. Подкаст это ни музыка, но аудио запись возможно с наложенной музыкой. У меня это будут сто лучших дней со стихами по 5 рублей день длительность около 30 минут моего чтения. Я нашёл подкасты и в Яндексе, но нет такого, чтоб можно было продать и даже загрузить...

  • Kowalski99 Kowalski99
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    I'm hopng Nokia bring out a replacement to the xr20 this year. Ideally something a bit smaller. If it makes incremental improvements over the current xr20 it will be a perfect phone for me.

    If nothing is out by Christmas however, I like many will be looking elsewhere.

  • King George King George
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    Please when is nokia G21 be upgraded to android 12 in Ghana.🤔🤔

  • pierreyau pierreyau
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    I am waiting for updating In Android 12

  • Fezee Fezee
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    😂😂😂 Hmd is busy in launching new phones and old users are facing bugs and they are not caring about there old users if they will not care about there old users then who will buy there new phones. Every old user will give negative comments read all post every member and user is lots of bugs and you all team members are blind to see that. You are busy in selling devices first you sell the device and user must go to **** with these useless phone.

  • Fezee Fezee
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    Even itel a local Chinese brand is providing much better services then Nokia.

  • Cauã Pinhão Cauã Pinhão

    I think it was a very good phone

  • User 1345 User 1345
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    it is good !

    But why did they enter the market with Android 11? This is a big problem!

    There is no Android 12 update for them yet.

  • Bryan Reed Bryan Reed
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    I must say that I am disappointed, with Nokia's terrible support.

  • chitral tour chitral tour
    ✭✭  /  edited June 15

    This was unexpected from NOKIA at such a significant event of the year. NOKIA used to launch great phones like the 7 Plus, 8 Sirocco, and 9 Preview at Mobile World Congress.

  • Wilfred Imbukwa Wilfred Imbukwa
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    I am a die hard fan of Nokia products and I was patiently waiting for Nokia to embrace android which they finally did. I bought the Nokia G21 and I love it.

    If Nokia embraced Android years ago they would still be the world's leading smartphone.

    But I know in the next coming years, they will be the world leading smartphone

  • maingate maingate

    I bought a G11 and only use it for basic things like calls and texts mainly. It cannot even do that properly.

    The speaker volume is so poor I cannot follow a conversation despite it being set to maximum. Seems like I wasted my money.😪

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