MWC 2022 highlights - Nokia G11 and Nokia G21



  • I'm also waiting for Android 12 on Nokia G21. Other brands already released. It's too late. Where Android 13 stable version has been released, there Nokia G21 is Android 11.

  • Hope to see Nokia 5710 XpressAudio available in Vietnam :))))

  • Gj676
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    Nokia X series smartphone.

  • I want to buy a new Nokia smartphone, please suggest to me.

  • I bought a Nokia G21 from Nokia online. I was a Nokia fan from their keypad phones series. But was disappointed in the delay in a smart phone release from Nokia.

    My previous phone to G21 was nokia 7.2.

    I really recommend the nokia phones for a secure use.

  • Hi hi hi

  • Devadas M H
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    Finally the wait is over... Android 12 update in India with Security Update of October 2022...

  • Wonderful! Hopefully Next is Philippines ☺️☺️☺️

  • I am still waiting for A12 in my Nokia G21 even the g20 got A12 since months ago

  • HMD has failed us. I have a brand new T20 and the latest update I have is September despite the Nokia security updates site telling me that October and November updates have been released. Not in Australia folks and the Support group knowing absolutely nothing about it. Is HMD opening itself to false advertising legislation prosecution?

  • Tenemos problemas con equipos android 12 y los esta dejando inservibles, HMD NO responde a usuarios

  • I have a Nokia G21. When I call people they can't hear me, think it's a hoax call and end my call. What the **** is wrong my phone?

  • g2101
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    You are so quick to make a fuss about the launch of new products, with all the promises that goes with that - in the case of the G21; 2 major OS updates, 3 years of Security updates.

    Well, in 2 days it will be FEBRUARY, almost ONE year since the launch of the G21. Model TA-1418 users are still on ANDROID 11 - I am on Sept. Security, others still on MAY

    Contact Customer Support and they copy and paste meaningless messages about check this clear that, blah,. blah, blah. but NO answers. NO commitment. NO feedback. NO interest in it's users. NONE. Shame on you Nokia / HMD. My first Nokia phone in over a decade, and definitely my LAST

  • How to claim my free Nokia earphones on Nokia g11 plus phone

  • Rost-G
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    Nokia G21 had received update in APR 2023, now Android Auto works.

    FYI: May 9, 2023: I have got a message about available Android 13.