Display over other apps permission turned off in Nokia c10

My "display over other apps" function is turned off and unavailable. This  automatically means that any downloaded app that requires this permission will definitely not going to be useful. I suggest that all neccessary apps should have been installed on the device before having the feature (display over other apps) turned off, I somehow believe this was thougt about and carried out, but I think App lock is so vital to be excluded from being at least a system app. Turning off this feature means I can't download or use app lock, because almost all app lockers will request for the permission. So my point is: applock should have been an inbuilt app since the "Display over other apps" function is turned off due to the permission, if enabled may slow device down, which has led to making the function inaccessible. And mind you, some inbuilt apps in this device supports the feature, which means applock is possible to have in this device. Applock is very important especially in the 21st century, it doesn't make sense not having applock just because I bought this particular Android brand as my device, when so many "Android go" rarely lacks the feature. I feel embarassed when I see how easy it is for others  to access my personal information and I can't do anything about it. It makes me feel regretful and displeased with the phone brand I bought. I'll appreciate īf something is ɗone about this issue. Thank you.


  • If its unavaillable you should put all apps with security lock

    1. There are a few ways to enable display over other apps on Android 10.
    2. The first way is to go into the settings and enable the “Display over other apps” setting.
    3. This will allow you to see all of your apps in a small window on top of the app that you are currently using.
    4. You can also drag and drop the app window around to different parts of the screen.



  • For sure displaying over other apps is important in this era I think it will be a great importance if the consider it done

  • How do I fix the problem about not being able to display over display function had been turned off by **** Nokia C12. Not happy, I can't use any of my apps!!

  • HELP!! COMPLETELY IT ILLITERATE and my Nokia C12 display over display function had been turned off by manufacturer. NOKIA you ruined your old school reputation. What a pathetic unveal or attempt at a come back. I can tell you know all my mates that grew up with NOKIA are all disgraced for you. Shake my head in disbelief.

  • How do I screenshot