Frustated Nokia 5.4 user , performance and online order issues

I have submitted the proofs in Screen Shots

My name is Javed , I ordered nokia 5.4 and i got product with damaged seal . i requested for a replacement and i got the product with damaged seal and for 2nd time the Nokia box was damged inside , it looked like it has been used by someone .

After i reported the issue Nokia team mailed me regarding REFUND with in 7-10 bank Working days but they suddenly changed their statement and asked me to accept replacement and i refused the replacement and after 1 or 2 days they mailed me about dispatch of Nokia C20 Plus .

Note :

  1. Nokia team is changing their statements based on situations
  2. Nokia is not delivering the quality products and Camera Performance is not upto the mark as they show in their advertisements .
  3. Nokia software is not working properly , it has lot of bugs
  4. Nokia has only Good Hardware but in other factors Nokia is totally useless
  5. Nokia Support is worst , they cheat people by changing their statements