HELLO I BUY NOKIA SINCE 2001; my two last ones :


ihana orava ihana orava
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my two last ones : so many problems

WIth lumia XL dual sim by microsoft bought in 2015

and the following one bought in january 2021 :

nokia 8.3 G numéro de build 00WW_2_270_SP05 modele et materiel TA-1243

version android 11 security update android 1er februray 2022

In this phone (so BEAUTIFULL outside) i have 64go memory and 30 go memory used.

Despite of that I can netheir

-register a screenshot, a picture taken by the camera

-download an application...

message say "not enough space"/ecah time.

Even if i add an SD card of 128GO.

I have it under guarantee of 2 years left but as long as i can not save my SMS and MMS i can not send it to repair. THose are very important for me to have.

If i connect my phone by usb cable, the computer open the phone and it is said "empty file"........

I am discouraged after 3h tryig something with the assistance online.

They seem not to get the pb.

I wonder if it happened when i update the phone few weeks after i bought it... So it is not working since13 months.

I can neither use a camera but i can use the camera through facebook and through sms/ application.

Today by acccident i erase facebook on my phone and i can not download any other app.

Who could help me to save all the pictures i have in sms ammplication.

I was told about Google fit.... but i can not download any applcation.

It is a nightmare.

The phone was working a month and a half/

I can yse the left button assistant , i can phoe with it, search on internet; use agenda and save my contacts on google drive, i can use messenger........... maps......... but can not open any gallery picture or camera.

I would be so happy to get some help



  • Bill. Bill.
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    Despite the updates and fixes, I have the same problems, this phone will die with errors because it has long been doomed to failure. Maybe the appearance is ok, this phone is just hopeless so do not count on a miracle of improvement.

  • GlenSoto GlenSoto
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    I really love the design, but I feel like the price is WAY too high. I hope they announce a price reduction tonight, otherwise, it'll most likely not get a lot of sales.

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