XR20 Randomly Reboots After Android 12 Update



  • Random1
    Random1 ✭✭

    The phone has now restarted on me three times in five days. All of these occasions have been whilst the phone is using mobile data and not connected to WiFi. I'm now going to switch off 5G and see how that goes over the next week or so. Wish me luck!

  • Samfichier
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    Good luck 🍀

    From the moment I switched off the 5G, no reboot, but today I had a bug, that obliged me to reboot it myself. I don't know if it's relative, or just an Android bug.

  • Hi guys,

    Just to confirm - after 4+ days without 5G I had no reboots at all. So I can just hope that some OS update will fix that crap.💩

  • Samfichier
    Samfichier ✭✭
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    I tryed for longer time and just had bug without rebooting by it self.

    I'll try to set off 5G and changing some parameters...

    And good news ! they just told me that the're working on fixing the bug 👌

    I hope it'll be soon 😏

  • I reactivated 5G since yesterday, but I was on WiFi on the evening, but since this morning I'm on 5G, and no reboot for now 🤞

  • I just had a reboot on 5G with music playing on tws.

    I'm doing a try on 5G with Bluetooth off.

    But it's clear, no reboots on 4G anyway

  • After trying with 5G on and Bluetooth off, I had another reboot.

    Than, for now, the only way is to disable 5G.

    I hope the update will come soon...

  • Hi,

    I disabled Bluetooth and enabled 5G, I listened music for 2 hours, and when I back to house, my phone was idle, I was doing nothing on, it was inmy pocket and it rebooted.

    Conclusion : Bluetooth and music are not responsible for reboots.

    I back to 4G, waiting for the fix ...

  • taolait
    taolait ✭✭

    Disabling 5G helped only for few days...

  • For me it's always OK. Perhaps another app or setting 🤔

    I had another issue about automatic activation of battery eco mode that was fixed by a factory reset

  • Xr20p1
    Xr20p1 ✭✭

    Is there a time line for the fix ? Or are we stuck with phones that don't work on 5g

  • I seen, few days ago, a screen capture of a fix update in german, but i don't have it yet in France... i think it not be long now

  • Check if it works for you:

    1. Install VPN (I used seed4me VPN and choose till&auto connect with Germany)
    2. Turn off XR20 and remove SIM card(s)
    3. Turn on XR20, turn off Wi-FI, turn off Bluetooth, turn off location.
    4. Go to to apps&notifications and clear cache and the data of the following apps:
                    - Google App;
                    - Google Framework;
                    - Google Play Serives;
                    - Location Services.
    5. Turn off XR20. Wait about 5 minutes. Turn on XR20.
    6. Turn on Wi-Fi and establish/check VPN connection with Germany.
    7. Go to update and do the update.
    8. Enjoy the fun.
  • nokianchetan
    nokianchetan ✭✭✭✭

    Hi all , we hay no issues here in Indian variant , can you please tell me the TA Model of ur device

    Here is mine

  • Hey, I`m in the United Kingdom and I have the same TA-1362 model which is getting rebooted randomly while on 5G, with 4G no issues at all.

  • Hi master of photos.

    I have the European version and is TA-1362

  • LOL))) I can see that nokianchetan is on 4g - if the screenshot provided belongs to him, so it is easy to understand why they are not facing any issues there))))

    I just received the Software Update, switched back to 5G and going to check if the issue was finally resolved.

  • Samfichier
    Samfichier ✭✭
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    Thanks so much, it's worked well 👏

    Even if i didn't found "Google App" and when i tried to localise my ip, it's in Nigeria 🤔

    I downloaded and installed the update, i'm back to 5G and hope no more reboots.

    Have a nice day 😀

  • My phone went flat on Friday and since it was off and turned on again it has updated, it was frequently freezing and restarting. Now it froze, went off and has came back on in a reboot menu, giving me the option to start, restart reboot or turn on, you navigate these options with the volume keys but it won't start no matter what options I choose.

    Help please

  • Artur Linhart
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    Hello everyone, yesterday I had similar issues with the reboots, even reboot loop... So, if you have it too, please first wash your Nokia XR20 with the drinking water well, possibly even let it be for some time in the water, so all possible dirt are released from the usb-c connector and also clean all other parts. In my case this helped immediately, since I have filmed on the boat and even I have washed the phone from the salty water, it was not washed enough. After I washed it with shower into the usb connector and then also dried it with a air stream, the rebooting stopped immediately.

  • XR20. I've had the randomly restart issue for months. Gradually it corrupts the OS and end up at the bootloader menu.

    Just sent it back to the Nokia repair centre in Hungary for the 2nd time. Again all they have done is reinstall the software.

    Setup the phone during the evening, was woken up 2am by the phone restarting itself....

    Will try the turn off 5g suggestion, no 5g here anyway.

    Never had problems with Nokia's till this one. My Nokia 7 is my backup phone and all apps the same, no issues apart from dodgy charging port which is why I "upgraded" to this one.

  • James Monk
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    I don't think 5G is the issue as I've had it restart a few times since disabling it. One during the night whilst not using the phone and a couple whilst using the phone.

  • I have the same problem. It is already third time and today it is already half day switching off and on. How to stop it?

    I have tried everything . Nothing helps. It's calling 911 himself. I took out simple card and it is calling 112 himself. What is going on?

  • Android 13 update just showed up and I'm installing. Will see if that fixes anything and update here in the coming days.

  • James Monk
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    Definitely hasn't fixed the rebooting issue. At least 6 restarts yesterday, doesn't matter if using the phone or not. Some of them happen whilst putting in pin after the previous restart .... More than a little annoying.

    2 restarts so far today.

  • Just to update this. Today got this response.

    "Your NOKIA XR20 is being prepared for shipment to the address you provided. Unfortunately, the fault is not covered by warranty and your phone is either beyond economical repair (not repairable) or the repair quote has been rejected.

    Reason: No Fault Found"

    So apparently being stuck on the bootloader screen isn't a fault or warranty issue anymore .... Despite them reinstalling the OS the last few times.

    Well thanks for nothing HMD. Wish I hadn't bought a G21 as a spare now because I don't see the point of remaining a customer now and will quite happily tell everyone else I know the same thing about what HMD have done to the Nokia brand.

    Its the first problem I've ever had with a Nokia phone and it's been a poor experience.