Nokia x20 screen black out

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My Nokia X20 screen just went blank after a call. How do I resolve this

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  • My wifes phone freeze with black screen two times inside one week , today call one frend to me, ask what he can do, phone screen is black. Only keep power switch over 15 second , then phone start again. How HMD fix this bug ?

  • Fixed in Android 13 ??

  • Hello,

    My Nokia X20 screen black out after answering a phone call, it has occurred many times since months ago. Apart from re-starting the phone, any other ways to solve this problem?

    Does Nokia X30 exist the same problem?

    Thank you.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Its Android 12.bug.most of them have the problem.mine too

  • My X20 phone is currently using Andriod 13, but the screen just blacked out after a call. what should I do to stop this from reoccurring.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Did you tried to reset after Android 13

  • My Nokia x20 screen goes blank after call and will not turn on only if i force restart. The screen will not auto turn off when not in use....i think there is bug issue with Android 12 and 13 on Nokia phones....this needs to be fixed as this is disturbing and very stressful...... my wife also face same issue on her nokia G60 5G device.

  • My Nokia X20 Dumbphone display blacks out randomly while in use. This happens while in general use e.g. making calls, simply browsing, etc. It started within the past week and frequency is increasing rendering this an utterly useless brick.

    One cannot restart a device 20 times a day to have the screen visible