Those who have the G20! Do you have my problem?

Those who have the G20! Do you have my problem?

Automatic restart .



  • petergz
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     I think we would need to have those discussions and think through those issues before I would want to say what our position would be on that ...

  • Md Sayeef
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    No problem, we're eagerly waiting for the Android 12 update in our Nokia g 20 in India

  • For the restart thing, try checking your phone for malware. I will keep my G20 till the end of it's support.

  • Does Nokia have its themes at all. I was trying to change fonts on my device but didn't get it on my device

  • The major issues I encountered with this phone is

    1. The UI crash almost all the time

    2. The Phone slows down and that is annoying for a brand like Nokia.

    3. Security updates needed to fix the UI experience as this is really getting on my nerves. I saved up for more than 6month to buy this phone and I am already regretting and planning to change it in less than a month of purchase. The major challenge now is that I will have start saving again to get another phone.

  • Yeah , make sure your data is on and maybe update to android 12.

  • My problem with my phone is so sensitive it unlocks itself, sometimes it's on silent without me pressing it

  • since android 12 update my G20 keeps disconnecting my wifi, like 50 times a day..i've reset (losing all saved wifi links), altered MAC to device, rebooted..turned off bluetooth..what else can i do ? My hoem wifi is sound, my sony tablet connects and stays connected, so it's the phone, less than a year old..

  • Went to my sons and logged into his wifif and the phone worked perfectly, so figured it was my router at fault. Got home turned off my router and unplugged it. Deleted the saved connection from my phone..rebooted, the router, re-connected my phone, no joy..but noticed MAC address has been changed away from device so changed it back..and hey's working perfectly now . All very odd but at least it's working.

  • I have faced several challenges with mine (Nokia G20) since the Android 12 update. Its been one bug to another. At first it became extremely slow, then it started randomly disconnecting Bluetooth, plus many other minor and major bugs. The most recent is the random restart. It randomly restarts itself and this can be at any time. Even during a critical phone call or even when I'm not using it.