1. Any future classicphone number of suggested words for any of some input words in Simplified Chinese shouldn't be fewer than or should be same as or should be more than that in classicphones that are manufactured long ago like 1280(RM-647)!!!!! e.g. input a word on 105(TA-1034) then number of suggested words which are related to that word is fewer than that in 1280(RM-647)

2. Any future classicphone any language shouldn't have any duplicate input word, character!!!!! e.g. in Chinese in zhi, qi list, shouldn't have other pinyin's word!!!!! e.g. in zhi list, Any future classicphone any language shouldn't lack any input word, character!!!!! e.g. “嬛”

3. Any future classicphone once has Simplified Chinese, UK English then should have Traditional Chinese, US English too!!!!! Classicphone that is originally released in a country then its languages list should only have languages that are widely spoken in that country!!!!! or languages that are belonged to that country!!!!! and UK English and US English!!!!! shouldn't have any language that is not widely spoken!!!!! or not belonged to!!!!! e.g. classicphone that is originally released in Vietnam its languages list has Simplified Chinese - it's just unwise for Simplified Chinese to be there!!!!! anyway let me ask HMD Global Oy - how many people in Vietnam understand Simplified Chinese or Chinese in general??? 50% of population??? or 30%??? or 10%???

4. Any future classicphone any language's any linguistic string shouldn't be wrong!!!!! e.g. "created" in Vietnamese is "tin phát lúc"

5. Any future classicphone shouldn't have any thing that is ineffectual, unclear, vague!!!!! e.g. "automatic" that is at languages list, "phone security"

6. Any future classicphone FM radio while screen is on radio signal strength shouldn't be weaker than that while screen is off!!!!!

7. Any future classicphone shouldn't have any money costing video game!!!!! then should have free video games!!!!!

8. Should improve image quality and audio quality for video player!!!!! and audio quality for music player!!!!! because they're low quality!!!!!

9. Please make\create\produce\manufacture phone that is able to turn jar and sis file into application!!!, with QWERTY, T9 keyboard and that is like Nokia E72, E63, E5, Nokia C5, C2-01 to recall Nokia phones that had been existing in old days!!! which many people had been falling in love with those classicphones!!!

i want HMD Global Oy to know that i'm the only individual in this world who professionally and beautifully created long and important messages for individuals who are behind apps including Google apps and video games! and CEOs of smartphone manufacturers and speaker manufacturers! and individuals who are behind Android operating system! and for more! therefore i'm an extremely extraordinary\uncommon individual!!!(means i'm not an ordinary\average\common individual) so HMD Global Oy should do all what i've said above!!!


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