I need Nokia 7.2 official stock rom/firmware, but i can not see it here?

Long88 ✭✭
edited April 30 in Nokia 7.2

Hi Nokia. I have a 7.2 Nokia with Android v11 upgraded with full of bugs, super slow, camera not working, bad touch screen, no charging error. I can not search the stock rom/firmware from Nokia to download, i need to re-install/downgrade my phone to android 10. Or at least, a better stable update of android 11 for my nokia 7.2.

Why don't you do that? That you release your all stock roms/firmwares like others phone company (Asus, Mi, Samsung,...). That was much easier for us. We will choose what is the best version for us. I remember how much eager i feel before android 11 upgrade, the much more disappointed we feel after upgrading.😔

Even Asus has a webpage of stockrom on their official website with tools for user.

Where can i search the stock rom/firmware of android 10 to download, or android v11 to download for my Nokia 7.2 phone. I see some suggestions on internet, but the download source that can not be trusted. I am afraid of virus, hackers. If i keep using my android 11, actually it's a disappointment.

Please answer my questions and do not delete them.