[UI Bug] [Android 11] - Nokia G21/G11 wasted space on the status bar

singhnsk Super User
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Not much to write here because the image below will clear it up. The status bar is configured to hide icons behind the dots even when there is ample space left to accommodate several more icons. The situation is weird as even the WiFi icon is getting hidden while there is so much space available on either side of the camera cutout.

It looks so uneven, especially on the right side of the camera. The notch settings seems to be configured for a smartphone with a wider notch and not adjusted for the waterdrop notch that is featured here.


  • Hi All

    My issue with the UI is that it's so laggy at times and seems to be frozen for seconds before responding, if responding at all. Has anyone else notice this on their G11?


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    It happens to me (and I believe every Nokia G21/11 user) whenever I am outside under sun or in car. It performs okay in indoor environments, but the phone starts behaving weirdly when I step out in the bright daylight. Maybe the little increase in heat does that, or there are certain programing issues.

  • maingate
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    Anyone had low sound problems when using the speaker? My new G11 is very poor. It seems to be a common problem.