Android 13 developer preview: Known issues

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Hello Android developer preview fans,

Here are the known issues for the ADP2 build (V3.080_B01)

• Transfer of files via Bluetooth is not supported

• Full Camera features not yet implemented (e.g. OZO Audio)

• Some carrier configurations are currently missing and Network performance may be affected

• Bluetooth tethering is not supported

• Audio cannot be streamed to some Bluetooth devices

• Some lag is noticed with touch/scrolling and keypad character selections 

Please report any issue that you find through the integrated Customer Feedback app with as much detail as possible. Reporting through the app is the quickest way for the reports to reach our engineering teams. 

Many thanks for your support in shaping the next Android experience!

The Nokia phones Android developer preview team

Published 15th of June 2022 time 13:17


  • juuk
    juuk ✭✭

    July build coming? Or anything close to the platform stability milestone on the pixels