Android 13 developer preview: FAQ

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What is Nokia phones Android developer preview?

The “Nokia phones Android developer preview” is a program that allows you to test, develop and mature your apps with the very latest Android builds.


Important Notes:

• These builds are early in SW Release lifecycle and although extensively tested before release, there may be some performance and/or stability issues which may make the phone unsuitable for use as a “daily-use” device.

• There may be some apps that are as yet unavailable on Google Play Store and/or may show some instability and/or present spurious pop-up warnings.

• Upgrading to Android 13 (and rollback to Android 12) will result in loss of user data - you are advised to periodically back up any important information.

• The build is delivered OTA and of a large size - we recommend you use Wi-Fi.

• Build availability may be limited by model or country


Unless you are a developer, we recommend you hold out for the Official release which will be available in the coming weeks/months.

Enrolment and access to Nokia X20 developer preview program is only offered via the preinstalled My Device app on your phone. Guidance is available on the website at 

Currently, only the Nokia X20 is included to the Android 13 Nokia phones developer preview program. We appreciate you may be keen to test against another device, but we are aligned with chipset support and test roadmaps across Google and HMD Global development teams.


I don’t have a Nokia X20. Can I receive Android 13 developer preview on another device? 

I’m afraid not. At the moment Nokia X20 is the only device supported in developer preview program.


Is there anything I need to consider before I download the dev preview software? 

Please see Important Notes above


Where can I get started?

Open the My Device app on your device, click on the Support banner at the bottom, and scroll down to “Android developer preview”.

Allow the app to check your device IMEI (so we can check device eligibility), agree to the software license terms and conditions, and after checking the Important Notes, confirm you’re happy to continue


I’m not able to access some of the apps that I downloaded. Some are not working at all. Why is this?

This is expected when using developer preview builds. All apps will be working fine with the Official market release


I requested the OTA, but even after 12 hours I have not received the software upgrade notification. What should I do?

Check that you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Check if you have a notification at the top of your screen.

Check for updates manually by going to Settings > About phone > System update > Check for update.

Try powering your phone off and on again.


When trying to download, I get an error message (e.g. "Cannot download")

Check that you have enough storage available on your device, clear any apps and files that are not needed, and try again.


When will I receive the official Android upgrade?

The Official Market release Android upgrade will become available to approved markets once all our internal testing is concluded and it reaches our release criteria (release dates vary according to location and operator).


Where should I report issues/bugs/suggestions?

Feel free to share thoughts and ideas to other community forum members (many share some very useful tips and advice), but we kindly ask that all issues are submitted via the Customer Feedback app - this ensures they can be quickly routed to the engineering team.


I submitted an issue via the Feedback App. Can I see how this is progressing?

I’m afraid not but rest assured, all issues and suggestions submitted through the feedback app are reviewed. However, we may need to come back to you for more info if you’ve given us your approval to do so.


Can I roll back? 

We’d be sorry to see you go, but yes - you can roll back to the latest Android 12 build via the My Device app.