Android 12 coming to Nokia 5.4, what bugs could Nokia fix?

Eliel Santana Victor
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What bugs do you think Nokia could fix in Nokia 5.4 on Android 12? Name a few!


1. Fix muffled audio and in terrible quality in games, in the rest of the phone the audio is normal, but in games and some applications like capcut the audio is terrible with a low quality and muffled

2. The phone freezes many times out of nowhere and these freezes last between 5 to 7 seconds, making the Nokia 5.4 unresponsive to touch for a few seconds.

3. Some games are poorly optimized and make the phone freeze from nothing, I was playing Pac-Man and Genshin Impact and the phone froze completely and I had to force restart it, this bug of the phone freezing and having to force restart has happened other times without being in games.

4. The camera needs a good optimization and fixing of bugs and crashes.

Please Nokia fix these bugs 🥲

I see many people complaining about these same problems....



  • SepehrBrJ
    SepehrBrJ ✭✭

    I hope the touch freeze problem is not from hardware

  • The tiny horizontal lines on the screen that appear from a certain angle. I hope it's a software related issue.

    Ghosting issue when scrolling relatively fast. But I guess this is a panel issue. Let's wait and see, anyway this my last Nokia device I'll ever obtain.

    They don't even allow unlocking bootloader so this phone is going to stuck with Android 12 forever.

  • Getting annoying now, seeing other Nokia phones get Android 12, while we're still waiting for the update.

  • the problem is not hardware, in the December 2021 update the problem had been fixed, but the big returned in the February update, this 8 second freeze is not hardware

  • Nokia 5.4 camera was better on Android 10, unfortunately there were some bugs on Android 11, I'm expecting them to fix on Android 12

  • shakirmohamed
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    Nokia fails to deliver monthly security patch on time too... Please Nokia remove your up to date tag which is the marketing selling point of you. By the way, monthly security patch icons shows red colour in Nokia 5.4 now. I hope who keeps promises will never fail... Again Nokia doing same faults without learning from past history? let's hope HMD never spoils the brand name of NOKIA

  • I bought the Nokia 5.4 and one of the reasons was the promise of an update, I was a Motorola user and it disappointed in an update and I wanted a Nokia for the Android One seal, Unfortunately Android will never surpass the iPhone in updating, Nokia is only updating XR20 and X20 and the new G10 and G20, Nokia 5.4 was my first experience with HMD smartphone and unfortunately it disappointed, Hope they fix Android 11 bugs at least

  • Appu Mali
    Appu Mali ✭✭✭


  • Hi,

    My Nokia 5.4 mobile reserved android 12. I'm updated the mobile. now mobile camera app isn't working properly. Camera is very slow. How can fix it. Plz help me

  • Well..

    They could address half( at the very least) of their deliberate pricing-ploys, for starters.

  • Nokia 5.4 Android 12 has so many bugs that if I start counting, it will surely go near 100.

    Lock screen has bugs, always on display has bugs, the transition of AOD to lockscreen animation has bugs, the double tap to wake the screen has bugs, everytime I open notification panel frames drops like ****, this is also a bug, touch freezing, camera, gestures stuck,

    Like I said I can go on the whole, and the bugs are in daily normal usage,

    If your moto is "love it, trust it, keep it" then you guys are going to the opposite direction.

    God bless HMD, and thanks for showing me these efforts, I was thinking to buys "x" series some day.

    Thanks for showing me the truth your software support with Android one, and capped me from wasting money on another nokia device.