Lags on Nokia 2.4 (Android 12)

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My Nokia 2.4 presents lags after update Android 12. The first day was ok but after I off the phone for charging, beginning the lags... Any solution?

Also the signal of the phone is poor, and low bright in the screen present "blinks"...

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  • My nokia 2.4 is not lagging so after i instal the update i reboot the phone. And if you saw netflix just uninstall it ..thats it then reboot again..

  • i need to get out of android 12, my phone has not adapted can anyone help me here i need it urgently my banking apps is not working properly after i updated a12 nokia

    This Nokia 2.4 3x64

  • Fix Laggy UI in Nokia 2.4

    No Storage Space

    This is probably the most common reason for a laggy UI on any device.

    When there isn't enough storage space on your device, all sorts of things start happening. For example, apps get deleted automatically, and critical data is corrupted. And it affects the overall performance of your phone.

    So make sure you have enough storage space on your device. If you don't, you should clean up some apps from your phone and free up some space.

    Lack of Memory

    RAM is short for Random Access Memory. It is the device's working memory where all your apps, documents, music, videos, photos, etc., are stored.

    The more RAM you have, the better it is for multitasking. At the time of writing this article, phones have 1GB to 18GB of RAM. However, most phones only have between 4 to 8GB of RAM.

    If you have multiple apps, uninstall unnecessary apps. These apps are eating up the RAM on your phone. The more apps, the more RAM usage. So there is no available space in RAM for the operating system.

  • After updating to android 12 it locked my phone

  • Nokia products are pure is slow lags alot cannot even process the most basic apps without lagging....error messages of apps being unresponsive.....useless phone ...we need an update to fix this bugs ... otherwise it's useless and I cannot recommend it to anyone

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  • This frustrating issue I also face from couple of days and I think the best solution is hidden in this post.