Still no Android 12

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I haven't received yet android 12 on Nokia G20 ta 1365 Spain.

Does someone know when I'll receive it or is in the same situation as me? / No he recibido android 12 en mi G20 ta 1365 . Sabe alguien cuando se recibirá está actualización o está en la misma situación que yo?



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    I  haven't received it yet,spain/tampoco me ha llegado la actualizacion en españa.

  • I  haven't received it yet/tampoco me ha llegado la actualizacion.

  • I haven't received Android 12 here in Bulgaria either. I wonder if I will have it at all

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    Netherlands . Still waiting .

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    nokia,this is not serious

    if we do not receive the update to android 12

    at least, we should get the security patch.spain

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    Update stuck in 5 March

    Nokia G20 TA-1365

    There is no Android 12 or any other update.

    Nothing !

  • the same for France no update .

  • the same for France no update .

    I also thought that having Android one means having updates faster before other manufacturers.

  • Hello G20 Users

    The TA-1365 seems to be receiving Android 12 later than other G20 models. They used another CPU in the TA-1365.

    "P35 instead of G35"

    You can install and view the CPU-Z program.

  • 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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    Hi, I have installed cpuz and powerful monitor apps and it's true , the ta 1365 has a P35 instead of the g35, thanks for the info. Probably the android 12 update will be delayed a long time or maybe we won't even receive it on the ta 1365🤦

  • model TA-1336


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    Yes, this model also uses the p35 "TA-1336".

    Of course, these two models are currently using the p35, and other models may use it as well.

    The G35 receives faster updates.

    However, we see on reputable sites that they did not mention this processor in the Nokia G20.

    But the p35 is older than the G35.

    P35= December 2018

    G35= June 2020

    Nokia promises to always give us updates on time, however some factors may play a role, *maybe* they are working on better updates for model p35.

    Do not worry, arriving late is better than never.

  • Oh! something else !

    Would you say that maybe the CPU-Z has a problem? Maybe because of the similarities he confuses them?

    I have to say that the Xiaomi 9c has the G35, and the CPU-Z recognizes it very well.

  • Zathan
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    P35 and G35 are the same CPU, just renamed, it's likely the app is confused.

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    the are small diferences,like video codecs support

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    Finally received Android 12 update, cross fingers I hope it doesn't mess up the phone. Nokia ta 10365 Spain

  • Finally Android 12 recieved in India.

  • model ta-1336.

    no update yet .spain

  • We are in Serbia stuck with October update 2021(00WW_1_100_SP04) model : TA-1336.

    Shame on HMD!!!

  • There is still no Android 12 in Ukraine. 😔

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    Still no Android 12 in East Africa, and HMD is unbothered

  • My Instagram videos become freeze after android 12 update.

  • LeokiM
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    Me too, I don't get any updates since March...

  • i got today in spain model ta-1336.

  • I received it today.

    It works great.

  • Same here, just bought the phone (it arrived today) because it's on sale (with insanely cheap price $100 equivalent) and thought i will be getting the android 12.

    Nope i was wrong and quite disappointed in the first day of using it. Can't really complain since it's an $100 phone

    Location : Indonesia

    Model : TA-1336

    Note : there's a "dibuat di indonesia" (made in indonesia) written in the back of the phone (right next to the model number)

  • User 121
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    Android 12

    Security update : 5 June 2022

    It is also on Nokia's security updates page....