Display settings are lost by switching off smartphone

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I noticed that when I switch off my Nokia XR20 and switch it on again later, I lose my display settings such as how long the display will remain on until it switches itself off. I set it to 2 minutes and then it always sets itself back to 15 seconds.


  • singhnsk
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    It is not happening to me, and hence, I'll recommend that you perform a hard reset to even out any chances of a misconfigured settings database. It is also wise to not restore a backup from the cloud when you reset as it can pull back the same settings again.

    I know backing up and restoring data is a pain on these phones with no proper means of doing so, but that's the best advise I can give in current circumstances.

  • KWF
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    OK, thanks for your feedback. So, it does not seem to be a general problem.

    But setting up my Nokia smartphone with over 200 apps was sooo much work. I will therefore continue finding a different solution rather than a hard reset. I find it a pity that it's not possible to make complete image backups from smartphones as can be done for computers. I regularly create such backups there so that I always a recent functioning version of the operating system and all software installed.

  • Stefnie
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    I have the exact same problem with my timeout setting that keeps going back to 15 seconds. Support tried to help me, but it didn't work. Looks like there's no solution.

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