Location notification Bug

I updated my Nokia 2.4 yesterday for the security patch on June 5.

Location notification Bug

Valledor Jovelito Valledor Jovelito
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I updated my Nokia 2.4 yesterday for the security patch on June 5. The problem is, my location icon always pops up in my notification panel, even though I turn off the location service and some apps crash for no reason. Do you guys experience this June patch?



  • stefan van puyvelde stefan van puyvelde
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    I have the same problem on my device besides other bugs since the Android 12 update.

  • Pavao Pavao
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    Hey there.

    Same problem after update.

    With all the location services usage turned off.

    Privacy Dashboard shows that the system process called: "Phone Services" constantly uses Location Services with unpredictable intervals like 3 to 10-15 minutes.

    It is unable to turn off Location permission for that process as it is system process.


    Support told the solution:

    Reboot into safe mode, then check if the problem is still there.

    If it is not, then it could be some app that was installed by user.

    How to find the exact app, causing this bug:

    Delete the app, reboot and check if the location request is sent again. Same over and over again with all the installed apps to the point where it is solved.

    Kinda strange, because Phone Services is still the system process, and as far as i know the process not affected by any other apps installed by user.


    I did boot into safe mode and the problem is still there. Contacting support again.

  • Pavao Pavao
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    So final update.

    After contacting support again, they requested few screenshots.

    They did confirm that this is system process and that it cannot be turned off. And that this is not a bug.

    It is mobile operator constantly requesting geo location from it's users via Phone System Process. And it cannot be changed or turned off, because if you turn that process off, then the phone will stop being phone - won't be available to make calls.

    Feels damn invasive into privacy if that it is like support told.

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