Still No Android 12 for Nokia 2.4

As early as 15th May, A12 OTA update was made available for Nokia 2.4 in select regions.

Still No Android 12 for Nokia 2.4

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As early as 15th May, A12 OTA update was made available for Nokia 2.4 in select regions. Albeit a little late, HMD did deliver their promise, 2 years of software updates and 3 years of security updates.

You may know that Nokia 2.4 isn't particularly a formidable device as it lags from time to time for performing even the basic of tasks. Android 10 was subpar and Android 11 was merely an improvement. It was that small but gradual performance improvement that made me anticipate Android 12, up and running.

It is now exactly 31 days since A12 was released and as I write this from Nokia 2.4, I have still not yet received my update. It is even more frustrating, really, that devices that received their updates on 15th-18th May did receive their June security patch. I have tried to contact the support team via the My Device app but they excel exceptionally in taking people in circles.

I fail to see why, despite the factors they give concerning updates, it takes unimaginably long to implement timely updates. HMD is milking the brand and Nokia won't be such a renowned name sooner than you expect. A better picture is painted in these forums, where consumers raise issues that affect their devices through feedback and HMD turns a blind eye. How very commendable of Nokia and HMD collectively.

This is the last straw. If Nokia is your preferred device then good for you. It is the inconsistency, the inconvenience, the unreliability, the lack of support, leave alone the inattentiveness of consumer feedback that makes me regret Nokia as my daily driver.

You had better save up and buy from more reputable and consistent brands.

No thanks.

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