Nokia G20, No internet after android 12 update

After the OTA android 12 update I have no internet access. I then went to T-Mobile and had my SIM card replace but still no internet. I contacted Nokia chatting with a person trying to fix the issue but nothing worked. Nokia had me ship the phone to a service center and after about a week I received my phone back with no explanation to what was wrong with it. I was hoping it was fixed but still no internet arrows after popping in the T-Mobile SIM card. So I'm wondering what to expect from Nokia, is there a fix coming?

Thank you for your time and any help!

Joe G20


  • Hi, I have also had the same problem and have spent hours trying all the fixes on these forums that I found from people worldwide having this same problem. It has been over a month now, and I would say it is not a good look that Nokia has not seemed to prioritize this. At least provide some way to go back to Android 11 so we can just have our mobile data working again.

    Nokia, what resolution can we expect on this near term? At some point, my only solution will be to take the hardly used G20 I purchased and recycle it. What a waste of money that would be.

    Also, went to T-mobile and they also switched out my sim. Consistent with other people's experiences, that solved nothing and wasted a couple of hours.

  • It works great for me and everything is available and used. Maybe a factory reset will help?

  • Mine is still not working till now and there's no way to get back to 11

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    If yours has two sim you can swap the two sim position

  • I've had similar problem whereby the wifi keeps dropping out, like 20 times a day..doesn't automatically reconnect so I have to force it every time..message flashes up 'couldn't connect to internet', then it connects...then drops again. It's my home wifi, my other devices (sony) have no problem. Tried every 'fix' suggested..but obviously now it android 12 bug...Will Nokia fix it ? I'm losing patience tbh and will dump the phone and go back to Sony soon. Not impressed...

  • so, is there no fix to this issue cause i'm having the same issue

  • My daughter's G20 is having the same problems following the Android 12 update. At least I can see that we're not alone and at least I don't feel stupid for not being able to fix the issue. I guess that I should have listened to her and bought the slightly more expensive Samsung. I'll never buy Nokia again!!

  • Having the same issue since yesterday´s Android 12 update. Chat with Nokia Mobile Care today: they are aware of the issue, but that´s it. No solution available, only that I can wait for the next Android update 🤯

  • Yesterday on my phone (Nokia G21) installed the Android security udate of February 2023. After that, I cannot turn on my Wifi. I put relevant switch to right, no wifi points are found and a moment later the switch goes back to the left by itself. Hard reset, safe mode or network reset, nothing helps.

    Today my wife's phone, also a Nokia G21 had the same update. Then also with her phone exactly the same problem. Who can advise me?

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  • Same problem here on a G20: wifi is disabled and enabling just turns the switch right off again after a second or so. No wifi networks are shown. A chat with Nokia support can be summarized like this:

    We know of the issue and the dev team is working on it. No, there is no website where you can look up the status of this bug. The only way to see that is was fixed is that you will be able to connect to wifi again. The problem was included in the last update (a few days ago: beginning of March 2023). There is no timeline or expectation when it will be fixed.

    And best of all, they claimed that it will be fixed even though I pointed out that my phone does not have a data plan. The only connection to the Internet is wifi and wifi does not work. I am interested to see how Nokia plans to push an update to that phone without Internet connection. Support could not answer that (ignored that question multiple times).

    Needless to say: I am not amused.

  • See all the comments on this issue re G11 phone too, same problems and users left high and dry without wifi access on which many of us have no option but to depend. Chat function on this website was frustrating and nugatory.

  • @nokafi01 I was able to do it on my G21 with a factory reset (after a backup with mobile data). Now all works fine. This was also the advice from Nokia Chat. Did this with 2 different phones (both same procedure)

  • I am no techie but having to borrow a phone which actually connects to wifi as well as buy a costly data package, simply because Nokia has imposed a faulty update severing my wifi access, has me at my wits' end. I desperation I have tried a factory reset. Yes it has restored the wifi (and introduced a lot of unwanted stuff) but you may be interested to note that the system has only restored back to the February update and not the problematic one issued in March. I assume this means they have withdrawn the March update owing to the wifi issues we are all encountering. Whether the wifi access will be sutained or survive the next update, who knows? At the first opportunity I will be ridding myself of this device (only 6 months old) and moving to a more reliable brand.

  • I am having the same problem after Android 12 update yesterday. No wifi access and button just reverts to off mode.

    At least I got the phone free with Telstra points so I can just dump it.

  • Bonjour,

    De France, depuis la mise à jour sur Android 12, j'ai perdu la connexion WIFI, quel correctif Nokia peut-il apporter ?

    Je vous remercie.