Nokia G20, No internet after android 12 update

After the OTA android 12 update I have no internet access. I then went to T-Mobile and had my SIM card replace but still no internet. I contacted Nokia chatting with a person trying to fix the issue but nothing worked. Nokia had me ship the phone to a service center and after about a week I received my phone back with no explanation to what was wrong with it. I was hoping it was fixed but still no internet arrows after popping in the T-Mobile SIM card. So I'm wondering what to expect from Nokia, is there a fix coming?

Thank you for your time and any help!

Joe G20


  • Hi, I have also had the same problem and have spent hours trying all the fixes on these forums that I found from people worldwide having this same problem. It has been over a month now, and I would say it is not a good look that Nokia has not seemed to prioritize this. At least provide some way to go back to Android 11 so we can just have our mobile data working again.

    Nokia, what resolution can we expect on this near term? At some point, my only solution will be to take the hardly used G20 I purchased and recycle it. What a waste of money that would be.

    Also, went to T-mobile and they also switched out my sim. Consistent with other people's experiences, that solved nothing and wasted a couple of hours.

  • It works great for me and everything is available and used. Maybe a factory reset will help?

  • Linus Eze
    Linus Eze ✭✭

    Mine is still not working till now and there's no way to get back to 11

  • Sjson
    Sjson ✭✭

    If yours has two sim you can swap the two sim position