X20 Multiple faults

I recently asked what was the replacement for the Nokia 8.3 5G that my partner had and received no useful replies but decided to get an X20. Bought direct from Nokia/HMD, initially she was very pleased with it. No mobile data but that was sorted after setting the APN to Default. However, mobile data is just one of the problems.

Mobile data regularly stops, no good at all when using Google Maps to navigate. To get mobile data to work again the phone needs to be restarted.

The phone will switch to Do Not Disturb mode on its own. So no ringer for calls and, more inconvenient, no alarm in the morning to get up for work.

Opening the phone by swiping up on the initial screen will sometimes just show the home screen with no icons. Other times the icons are there but moved halfway up the screen (so the Google bar that would be at the bottom is across the middle of the screen). Icons don't respond when in this position. Phone has to be closed and opened again to correct this.

During calls the audio will cut out for a few seconds so the person at the other end of the call hears silence for a few seconds before it comes back.

At times redrawing the screen can take seconds.

Considering it is running the same Android 12 that the 8.3 was, this would suggest a hardware problem rather than software. I contacted HMD customer services who have suggested sending it back for a refund (as it is only 2 weeks old) but rather than a refund my partner would prefer an X20 that works just as reliably as her 8.3 did.

As nobody else has reported the same multiple problems, suggests it is an isolated issue with this particular phone and not common to all X20's or is it and everyone else is keeping quiet about it?


  • Android 12 worked fine for me, no big issues at all.

    Has she tried a soft reset, hold down both the volume up and power buttons simultaneously until the phone reboots. If that doesn't work she'll have to do a factory reset. Make sure she has everything backed up to the cloud.

    I'm running Android 13 Beta and it's pretty solid already.

  • The fact that yours worked fine with 12 suggests it is a hardware rather than software problem. Been back onto Nokia customer care to say we don't want a refund, just a phone that works as well as her 8.3 did. They have suggested running it is safe mode to see if it is being caused by an app she has installed. I've gone back to them and said it will take a couple of days of testing as the faults are all intermittent. However, she hasn't added any apps, all she did was backup the 8.3 then allow everything to be downloaded to the X20 so keeping all her previous settings and screens even.

  • An update to this. The phone went back to Nokia where they seemed to ignore the faults that had been reported and although it was a microphone problem they replaced the earpiece speaker? Everything else they claimed to have checked and as the faults were intermittent and not apparent at the time, they sent it back. Having now used it for a few weeks, the original faults are still there with a few others now appearing. They are:

    Microphone still cuts off during calls.

    Calls drop out for no apparent reason in areas of good signal strength.

    During video calls the camera will switch off after about 2 minutes.

    Screen does not always blank during calls meaning the touchscreen is still active so touching it with the ear and face results in other apps or settings being changed.

    Will put itself into Do Not Disturb mode randomly.

    Will reboot at random times, including during calls.

    Data connection, both on mobile data and wifi randomly will disconnect.

    It will also periodically start to emit a strange noise (see video at https://photos.app.goo.gl/1NkC4Pn5NXMkEMKM6) and the only way to stop this is to reboot the phone.

    We have reported this all to Nokia and have requested a replacement rather than a repair as it seems we've got a 'Friday afternoon' phone with intermittent hardware faults.

    Anyone else had similar experiences with the X20?

  • Maybe you can reset the phone to factory settings?

  • Just loosely related but I don't know how to start a new topic (lol) so I'm posting here.

    With certain numbers, the call rings 5 times then says "no response, time has run out" and drops the call. On the other side, the person can still hear the phone ringing and can even pick up the call and hear silence. I can reach the person if I call again in a few minutes.

    With most numbers this doesn't happen.

    I have checked with the mobile service provider and they say there's no issues on their end.

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    Do not disturb is working with movement.when we are on the more on a car or something do not disturb turn on automatically.on previous versions we have options to prevent this.but in Android 13 , only options are apps , sounds, schedule and auto turning off. Today i got the internet issue.restarted and internet connection turned on again.

  • i bought my x20 last oct 2022 and my issue is that the person on the other end cannot suddenly hear me. can i return this back to the store?

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    I have a Nokia X20 phone that simply won't turn on, it just stays in this mode. He can help me. Someone

  • Please, if someone helps me, I stayed for 5 days, yes. I keep installing programs and I haven't succeeded in anything

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    A belated update on the issues with the X20. It was returned (again) to HMD under warranty and this time it came back having had a full firmware update which the claimed should have cured the problems. By then it was too late and my partner had decided that her previous 8.3 had worked perfectly and the only reason she was changing was that she had managed to break the second screen on her 8.3 so she bought a new old stock 8.3. This, just the same as her previous one, works perfectly, something that cannot be said of the X20. It sits in its box having not been used since being returned and I considered selling it but wouldn't want to sell it if the faults are still there.

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    This is a catastrophe