My nokia g10 freezing when im playing games and it shuts down when it freezes please upgrade nokia

Please my phone nokia g10 is freezing when playing games and lagin please upgrade nokia g10


  • Me pasa lo mismo, es muy molesto.

  • I'm having a problem with playing facebook videos and instagram reels and stories since i upgraded my g10 device to android 12

    I tried everything even I performed a factory reset as well but the problem is still preset!!

    Please help!!!

  • Hi has anyone got a problem with Nokia 10, phone rings but doesn't light up,

  • Yes this phone is absolutely junk, impossible to work with, I got this last year and I am really disappointed with it's performance. It is waste of time, Nokia should be ashamed of bringing out a 3rd rate phone. I'm a medical doctor, and I got this phone last year, as it was compact and very cluttered. I don't use the phone for socialising, just for work, but this terrible phone keeps hanging. The go back function isn't very intuitive. The camera is good but not relevant to most professionals.

    I shoud get my money back, honestly this phone is a big, big disappointment.