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HMD still hasn't updated security updates now since April 22 nearly 4 months since the last one why are they not sending out updates this is so wrong in everyway especially when they market there products are being supported not .



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    Classic HMD

  • Also still waiting for a security update. In the meantime I found the following article. The Nokia X10 and X20 have been receiving updates and security patches for three years, but a fourth year may soon be added. That sounds good, but don't celebrate too soon. You only get this extra year of updates if you pay for it. 😞

  • Lawrence JB
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    Other than the brand name Nokia X series phones have nothing.

    No monthly security patches.

    No maintenance updates.

    Entry level processors used.

    Gimmicky Zeiss lens.

    So all in all, zero value phone series.

  • Luke Staunton
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    The June security patch is available with the Android 13 Beta 😜

    But yes, they really need to stop marketing security updates as a main pillar of the brand when they consistently do not deliver. Surely there is some recourse to challenge this misleading information?

    I wonder how corporate customers such as Deutsche Bahn who procured 12,000 Nokia X20 devices feel about the level of service, especially when security updates are important for compliance and were presumably a big factor in the tender process.

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    In our company phones with the security turning into red have to be replaced immediately.

    That means I would not be allowed to use my one year of X20 anymore!

    I am more than curious what DB thinks about this. They must really feel like being cheated

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    There is update for X20. Iam indonesian user

  • This happened to my wife's X20 as well after receiving the update. Yes the soft reset did the trick. Now to see if it continues to occur.

  • Jockg
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    My phone has also started to switch off during charging overnight after this update. Only the power button and volume trick can turn it back on. It's very annoying as I use my phone for as an alarm clock and I need to be contactable 24/7. It's done it twice now after installing this update! I wish there was a way to roll back this update.

  • Tozier
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    Same here. I have 2 x20's one personal (8gb) and one with Android for enterprise for work(6gb). Both switch off when left on charge overnight. Not good when used for alarms. Started after latest update applied.

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    Happen to me too, very bad and big bug with the latest sw version 2_560

  • abecedario
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    I do not know if it is a case, but my phone since it is updated turns off and freezes only when I use the original charger and then in fast mode, if I use another non-original that does not activate the fast charging speed then it does not turn off but remains functional

  • Same experience here, we have two X20 and both switch off when charging. We can switch on again by pressing the power button for>10 seconds.

    Our gets worse and worse with HMD.

  • abecedario
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    I just used the chat support of the My Device application to report this bug, they replied that they were not aware of the bug but they would report it to the developers.

    I also pointed out that on my phone the problem only occurs when I use the original charger which starts the fast charging mode, and they told me that this aspect was useful.

    finally I asked why no one of the developers read the official Nokia forum, they replied that they did not know...but they assured me that my report would undoubtedly be forwarded to the developers...

    Please, do the same, use the chat support on My Device app to report the bug

  • Tozier
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    Hi guys. Try turning off adaptive battery in settings. It seems to have worked for me.

  • abecedario
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    nothing, I deny myself, few minutes ago the phone turned off by itself even putting it in slow charge with a non-original charger.

    now the problem is even more serious, practically you never have the certainty of finding the active phone and while it is off it does not even charge.

    I have now turned off the adaptive battery as suggested, hopefully at least this ploy works

  • abecedario
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    Not works...after few minutes without using the phone, it turned off again...

    Now I'm trying another trick, I've activated the screen saver while the phone is charging and it seems to work, it's been charging for twenty minutes and it hasn't shut down yet

    it seems that the problem does not happen if the phone is in one way or another "active", and the screen saver keeps it "active"

  • abecedario
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    today I tried to write again in the support chat inside the my device app, today's person was very uncooperative, he recommended a soft reset, then a restart in safe mode (all things already tried) and finally a factory reset by erasing the whole phone, everything. When I told her that I don't have a PC with me now to make a backup, I'm on vacation, she replied "eh, patience! I have no other suggestions to give you!". I had to insist a lot to ask her to send the report to the developers, I hope she really does

  • I have the same problem after recent security update. I have reported it but they don't seem very interested.

    If nothing happens the phone will be going back to Amazon for refund and I will buy another phone which will not be a Nokia.

  • Lawrence JB
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    I had this issue for my Nokia X10 after the recent update.

    It happened only once during the charge the screen went off and then I had to press the power button for a while to switch it on.

    The phone was on slow charger though.

    Today I'll try with fast charger to see if this happens again.

    Only Nokia Original chargers used.

    Nothing found so far with Nokia X20.

  • Capriellllle
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    Hi guys, I also own a Nokia X20 and after reading your experiences about charging the phone with the last sw update I decided to see if my phone was affected by the same bug, so after some days (I charged the phone 3 times) I can happily ascertain that my phone doesn't seem affected by that bug. I even kept the phone in charge for other 2 hours after it was fully charged and it regularly worked, it never powered off. May it can depends by the charger I use (see pics), I used it whit other phones (and with a Nintendo switch too) and I never encountered problems. Maybe could you try with a non-Nokia charger? Maybe it helps... Or maybe I simply had luck...

    However, I attach a photo of the charger I use and some pics in which you can see that it regularly charges fast, I hope this helps...

  • abecedario
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    many have tried to change the charger, both in fast and standard mode, unfortunately without success.

    as I have already written several times, I have temporarily solved the problem by activating the screen saver while charging the battery...

  • So I think it's just a matter of luck...

  • Kakit
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    Same problem appears on my X20 and XR20. And the customer service representative keeps asking me to do a factory reset. Why is it my responsibilities to rectify their mistake?

  • Lawrence JB
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    I also have problem only for Nokia X10, Nokia X20 seems to be fine so far.

  • Just had a push message from Nokia acknowledging the problem caused by recent software update. A fix will be issued soon....

  • abecedario
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    Here it is

  • abecedario
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    New update available

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    July Google Play System available too