Is XR20 a really good phone ? Worth it keep it like 1 or 2 years ?

I'm actually planning to change my phone in the next days and i would like to know if XR20 is worth it in july 2022, does it still make the work and getting upgraded ?


  • Don't bother HMD don't send out regular security updates X10, X20, XR20 all still on April 22 it's all lies about there 3 year support it's a Marketing ploy for you to part with your cash with 0 support on all there range don't get sucked in .

  • Lawrence JB
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    Go for Samsung at least you can be assured of regular updates. Other than the brand name Nokia phones are literally useless nowadays.

  • I'm not impressed with Nokia and their monthly security updates. Monthly means every month, not just when they get round to it

  • singhnsk
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    Hi @nintenfan99, just in case you're still considering, Yes, the XR20 is a good buy. A good all-rounder phone which is going to endure really well. I only recommend to look for some deals and offers to make for a sweeter deal.

    As about the updates, yes, as others said, they aren't monthly (even though advertised so). However, they do end up sending routine updates - exactly what you'll find most competitor phones except for Samsung's good releases. So, yeah, although not as advertised, it's still like at least an update every quarter :)

  • Latest update is crap - causing lots of battery issues. Not tested properly.

  • raEmAAn
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    edited August 2022

    I'm enjoying my xr20 the mere fact I don't need to put a protective case over it, is what was enough for me. it's a really good phone for everything else.

  • singhnsk
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    I had the same opinion initially, but then the fact that every bump or hit leaves permanent damage on the phone's frame and body leads me to take a protective case, which makes the phone bulky and pointless now.

    Sure, the whole point is that it won't break at a fall, but it will still take damage, and in a few months, it will be ugly with a discolored aluminum frame and scuffed and peeled-off plastics all around.

    I don't like my phones to be wounded like that. The camera is also definitely not good, just average.