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Just wanted to have a casual chat with all of you guys. I thought what better starting point than a classic Nokia mobile device. So, why don't you share some stories about your own classic Nokia device or something you really wanted.

I will go first - my first ever phone, not just Nokia but overall first ever mobile device was Nokia N-Gage QD. And boy did I love that phone. It was the coolest thing ever - and just between us, it made me the coolest kid in my school ;).

I still happen to have it, give me a few days to find it, and I will try and share the photo.

But moving on from my story - really looking forward to all of your stories.


  • Keeping aside the current status of Nokia Mobile Phones, it will be more joyful to talk about what Nokia was few decades back.

    My first Nokia device was 5310 XpressMusic which was a quite premium phone of that time not only in hardware but with a clean & smooth software too. Because of it's slim design, I was able to manage it with my small hands and ofcourse playing Gameloft games was a felling of joy to me. The red coloured music control keys on left side of the device was a key feature while listening to songs & the sound output was amazing.

    Gone where the days when Nokia was in our heart 💙 but what remained today are only memories.

  • Hello,

    My first ever nokia mobile phone is Nokia X2-01. It was a qwerty keyboard phone. Very handy, with unique design.i remember it had a red colour on its back. But unfortunately some stole my first phone. Missing my nokia X2-01

    Thank you

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    Nokia 5310 is the very first phone i used and will be my favourite one always. I really love the colour combination of the phone, and also the lights on the phone make it more lovable. When i was listening song the red coloured music control keys on left side of the device was a key feature while listening to songs and the sound output was amazing. I almost forgot about the games, the bounce and the car game, those were first mobile game experience. Still love those days, Nokia is always in our heart. 💙

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    I'd have said this before somewhere.

    My first long-term usage with a Nokia was among the devices - Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and then the Nokia 6500 Slide (which I still have and still turns on).

    That said, the first Nokia with my own money was Nokia 1200. A bricky little basic device with b/w display, enough for texting and calling. I think I moved through many phones after that, mostly Nokia.

    However, if I am supposed to remember one classic phone, that would be Nokia 2690 for me, probably because it was my last phone with a T9 keyboard.

    A fun fact is that some of my account passwords still use 2690 among the characters due to that phone. And that was the only Nokia that became a part of my passwords. 😛

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    The first ever mobile phone in our house was the Nokia 6610, which my father used till 2007 if I remember correctly. But it fell from a height and was never fixed at any shop. The interesting feature of that phone was the INFRARED FILE TRANSFER, though never found a compatible phone to test it. I had played Bounce game on that, but was never able to complete the last level, and it remained incomplete as it got broken. It also had that puzzle game, and so I bought a chess board too to play during free time. A lot of memories with that phone.

    My mama, who used Samsung R220, bought Nokia 6600, and me and my brother were always engaged in the games played with the Joystick. It was a completely new thing for everyone around. Though we do got scolded as it was a sensitive piece of technology.

    Coming to my first phone, it was the Nokia 1600 which earlier my father used and later since he bought Nokia 7210 Supernova, I used it for a few months until I got my own phone, Spice M-5050 in 2010. And the Nokia 1600 is still with me, in working condition with the original charger.

    As far as my favorite Nokia classic phone is considered, it is the Nokia 7210 Supernova which even I used for quite some time. And it's the phone which I used to click photos on our first family trip to the mountains. I installed a lot of java games in that phone. Even though the keypad was a bit hard, it's slim design and sound quality were superb, and the sound docking unit that came along with it enhanced the music even more.

    And if I talk about a phone that I always wanted to own, then it was the E-Series devices, as they looked super dope. Their hefty built and qwerty keypad always fascinated me. Though never bought as they were quite costly and I already had my Nokia 5235.

    Still my parents use the Nokia feature phones, but the quality of newer ones is quite bad (the keys on my 5310 now work only on pressing too hard). Hoping to see new-age Nokia feature phone with latest features and the same old built quality.

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    Hmmmm now keep dropping more pieces of your passwords on the internet and stay ready to be stunned lol. I guess your bitwarden password too might have 2690 in it. 🤣

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    Our very first mobile in house was the nokia 1100 which my father got as a promotional offer from TVS motors. That phone might have been basic but it was so much fun especially the games snake-3 and space impact. So much of my childhood has been spent on those games. That phone lasted well over 10 years and ultimately got stolen.

    Also we'd make it stand and vibrate to make it move on a table. And the ringtone composer was great. We just made our own tones or copy tones from other phones.

    The best thing was, it never got old because we kept changing it's housing and the BL-5C battery.

    I also have a dead 5800 XM laying in my drawer.

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    No, it doesn't. But don't worry, 99% of my important accounts are 2FA enabled, Bitwarden included! You can't do anything even with a password 😎

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    Yeah, the Snakeeee... There's an interesting story around it.

    So, when my dad first got a phone (ofc a Nokia, IDK which one), it had the Snake game. And my dad used to avoid the food, just like the outside wall. He didn't realize for quite some time that the food is for eating and growing the snake, and it is not an obstacle 😂

    Snake is the only digital game that my mom has played. Both the B/W one and the cute 3D snake in her Nokia C3. Her gaming journey ended when the touchscreens happened.

    Anyways, @srijanbhatia and everybody else, here's a question (although more suited for the Snake through the ages thread):

    What happened to Snake after it grew so much that no more space was left on the screen? 😜

  • Still have a couple of old non Android Nokias….

    is this the future for HMD?

    if so they should stop selling below par Android phones that receive limited security updates and focus on cheap dumb phones, cos they certainly don’t know how to support smart phones.

    Enjoy snake

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    You know what, that is a very interesting question. Let me send it to some of the product and software guys internally and see what I can find out.

  • I guess Nokia was the 1st choice for most Indians back in the day. Even my 1st phone was a Nokia and I was eagerly waiting for it to launch in India. It was the Nokia X2-00. One of my friends told me about this phone and I loved its design the first time I saw its images on his phone. The silver/Blue color option was an instant pick for me. Nokia X2-00 was the best bang for the buck device at that time and when friends had 2MP and 3.2MP cameras on their similarly or even higher priced Nokias this had a 5MP sensor and the images were just amazing for its time.

    Here's an image that impressed my friends. The image is downloaded from Facebook (540x720) so it is not in the original highest resolution. But still, it gives an idea and is good overall considering it was shot on more than a decade-old feature phone with a Fixed Focus 5MP camera. I remember being able to zoom in to this image and see more detail but it now looks way softer than it was.

    This is the famous Lalbaug Cha Raja Ganesh Idol from 2011. The colors look way better for a feature phone during that time.

    The music buttons, volume buttons, hot swappable micro sd card slot, a dedicated camera button, dual speakers which were loud enough and the list goes on. Nokia had loaded it with features that would attract young buyers. And on top of all this, they also upgraded the S40 software which had it's own app store (Ovi Store) and soon WhatsApp also made an app for S40 devices. It turned into what we call today a smart feature phone and was a lot better at doing the tasks thrown at it compared to the KaiOS mess we have these days on smart feature phones which is slow and laggy.

    I still have my Nokia X2-00 in working condition but it has taken some serious cosmetic damage on the front. The color is completely gone and the phone now looks bad. I enjoyed using that phone till May of 2015 after which I switched to Lumia. I missed out on buying the replacement body for the phone from Nokia Care when they had it and on my next visit after about a month they had shut down the care center. I enjoyed using the Nokia X2-00 and have used it to its fullest capacity. Will remain my favorite feature phone forever. 😃

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    Here's an image I found taken using the Nokia X2-00. It's a 5MP Resolution. A BIG back then.

    This was shot on the 2nd day after Mumbai Monorail started operating. The image was taken in February 2014, three years after I purchased the phone. Was still able to click better photos than many android devices back then. 😂

    Nokia was ahead of its time and I want to see that happen again. 🤗

  • My first Nokia phone was Nokia 1600 which is 1st phone in my family also I was playing Cricket game a lot on it 😁 after that I used many phones including Nokia 1100, Nokia 7600, Nokia 5300 Express music, Nokia prism 7500, Nokia E72, Nokia E5, Nokia N81 which was my last Phone I used after that I moved to Android phone in 2013. I have still Nokia 1600, 7600, N81 Not in working condition, E5 and Prism 7500 in working condition

    Here are few last shots taken on Nokia N81 phone back in 2012.

  • My first phone Nokia 1112 feature phone and still using Nokia phone.

    My phone list. Not all but most of what I remember.

    Nokia 1112 , 2600 classic, 6300 classic, Nokia N8 , 808 Pureview, lumia 800, lumia 530, lumia 920, lumia 925 , lumia 1020 , nokia 7 plus , 6.1 plus , 8.1 , 7.2

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    Hey folks. My first Nokia phone was Nokia 3230. It was running in Symbian 60 series OS which we also know as S60. I was be able to install many third party softwares, games etc. And i could install themes to that phone. My father owned the device in 2007. And it was last used in 2012. Even though it was not used after that. But surprisingly in 2017, when I had a nostalgia feeling about oldies, I turned Nokia 3230 on and it actually turned on but as we can expect not that much long. That battery didn't have that capacity to hold anymore. Still I had its charger. I was charging it for few minutes then tried to turn it on. Finally I was able to use it for hardly 3 minutes.

    Then there was few more have been added since then.

    • Nokia 3230
    • Nokia 225 Dual sim
    • Nokia C3-00 (The Golden) (It has a very unique story),
    • Nokia X2-02
    • Nokia/Microsoft Lumia 435 (My first and last Windows Phone) (was active for 7 years) (15th May 2015 - 15th May 2022)
    • Nokia 5310 (2021) (Active)
    • Nokia G21 ( This message was composed on 😆😅)

    Actually the story is back to 2015, it was May 5 probably. One day I got anger for personal reason. It was. I was so foolish and rage against the condition that the Nokia C3-00 was thrown away and then got dead by me. For one week I had to live without any contact. Then I realised my mistakes. My parents were so much angry on me. Then they allowed me to buy a new phone. It was 15th May 2015. I finally decided to take something unique back then. I selected Microsoft Lumia 435 over Android phones. And i was lucky and right.

  • The N-gage reminds me of this game "The One"... I played it on my Nokia E72 mehn those days of Symbian how I so wished Nokia could revive that OS.

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    Nokia 3230 has infrared file transfer feature although I was unaware of the feature at that time, but later when I came to know I realised how much b