Microphone muted by cheek

Happens often that my cheek mutes the microphone during the call. Are there any possibilities to move and rearrange the icons on the phone screen?


  • It happens the same to me, for some reason it also hapeens if i lock the screen. Ffs

  • You're not supposed to be sitting on your phone....🤣🤣

  • I have a simular problem. Except it turns on my setting. Ive moved them around so the least important are turned on but it's latest trick is the mute button.

    Has any one found a way round this. I'm about to send the phone back to Nokia as faulty phone.

  • same issue. Mute button is exactly where the ear is and goes accidentelly on during every call I make. Extremely annoying. My customers recommend buying another phone. I tried to move the mute button whilst on call but it is not possible. Seems this issue is lasting for years. Blows my mind why HMD is not making a very small fix and put the buttons like on any other trademark. Samsung is not having this problem.

  • One pretty good way to prevent this issue is to open phone's main page during the call. Then the phone is minimized and so not sensitive of cheek toutch.

  • Happens to me too. The screen lights up if I move the phone too much during the call and the microphone mutes. Thanks for the suggestion about minimizing the call.