Nokia T20 Android 12 L

Mohamed Ali Tun
edited October 2022 in Nokia T20

When will android 12 L released ??


  • Still waiting 😭😭😭

  • Support says, they're waiting for Google for the Release on Android one...whatever

    I am not sure of that...specially, as Google now will concentrate on A13 in development.

    Android 11 is not that bad, but 12 already has some optimizations for tablets. Perhaps they go directly from 11 to 13? T10 should come with A12, hardware of both tables is similar, so i do not see a reason why it should take much longer...hoping to get 12 at least soon...

  • Hopefully the next Security Patch update, now stuck on May 2022, will also bring the much needed OS update to Android 12. That is the same way the software update was handled for most Nokia mobile devices, like the 8.3, X-20, X-10, XR-20 etc.

    The T10 comes out of the box with Android 12, which I understand because it is a newer release...I just hope they don't delay the update for T20 much longer.

    PS I also hope that the issue of HD supported content for apps like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix and others, is adressed and we can get that upgrade

  • They really need to get this tablet sorted out for patches and Android updates. So far HMD Nokia have provided terrible support for this good table.

  • The tablet is okay, especially for the price.

    Was on sale for $180! As efficient as my 2019 iPad.

    FM radio works nice. Like the flashlight feature.

    I can't understand the whole Android update process.

    My 2019 Samsung is already EOL.

    Has everything I want except GPS, which my Samsung has.