After update Nokia x20 died, no power and would no switch on until..

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So last night I plugged my phone to charge but in the morning the phone was dead, missed my alarm and was unable to switch the phone on.

After reading a number of post I tried the reset option. I held down the power button and volume down for 10 seconds thinking this would reset the phone and power on. To my surprise the phone switch on with out resetting with 93% battery life.

This would indicate the phone did charge but switched off and could only be switch on using the reset option. why I don't know but its back up and working.



  • Lawrence JB
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    Twice happened to my Nokia X10 only when I charge using a slow charger. Fast charger seems to be ok so far.

    Certainly it's a bug which needs to be rectified soon.

  • Happened to me four times now and once to my wife. Both X20. Fix is needed soon! Need to buy an old fashioned alarm clock as the phone can't be trusted to do the job...

  • This has started happening to me just this week. Thought I'd have to go buy a new phone. Thank goodness I found this forum and this guidance. Come on, Nokia. Fix this if it's a bug!

  • Does this only happen when left on recharge? Is that the trigger, it shuts off to stop over heating/battery issue or similar?

  • I'm also experiencing this issue on my Nokia X20 since the latest firmware update last week (build: 00WW_2_560).

    Twice it has happened after the update, in both instances overnight while the phone was left charging.

    Would only turn back on by using the physical reset command.

    This needs fixed ASAP.

  • you don't need to soft reset to turn your phone back on, just press and hold the power button only for a few seconds until it turns on.

    waiting for them to fix the gigantic bug they created, in my case the temporary solution that I found continues to work: activate the screen saver while charging, in this way the phone never turns off and never freezes.

  • This shuts down and does not restart unless you hold google assist, volume - and power - . It only started happening this week after charging the same way for over a year. Phones are made to stop charging once full and not switch off this is a know Nokia x problem worldwide. Mine has gone back for free repair as they say they know the issue.

  • Buy Samsung and save yourself a lot of aggravation and frustration .

  • This is the third time it has happened to me, have a x20. Tried using a different charging cable but nothing changed. Does anyone know when this is getting fixed?

  • I have the same issue with my X10.

    Every morning I find my device powered off and inoperable. I need to hold down the power button several seconds to turn the phone back on.

    This happens every night I leave it charging, since the last firmware update.

  • I am experiencing the same issue since the latest update. Any recommendations on how to fix. Build 00WW_2_560 This is a new phone.

  • @simon gleeson 2nd paragraph from abecebario as below will help you till it's fixed by HMD update

    I have also found turning off adaptive battery worked, other users have not had the same success as me with this but it's worth a try.

  • Lawrence JB
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    For me what worked was using a fast charger. The screen goes off only when I use slow charger. But to turn back on I don't do anything, just remove the charger and after few seconds the screen switches on.

  • Since the last update both my wife and me have the same bug on the X20. Happens with slow and fast chargers. Starting works by pressing the on button for >10 seconds. I do not charge by night anymore, too risky to miss the alarm. They have to fix that bug immediately!

  • Same issue with my x20. 3 times now. Each time it takes longer to kick back into life. Always happens at night when phone is charging. Doing the resets etc didn't work but phone will suddenly come back on all by itself a couple of days later. Extremely annoying! I've now ordered a new phone NOT a Nokia. Phone's no use if I can't rely on it. Nokia needs to fix this asap.

  • Yep, it's been happening every time I charge since the update. If it carries on then new phone it is, bye bye Nokia, never again

  • Hi, thought I'd try here after text chat with Support just seems to be try this... Try that! It seems I'm not alone! My X20 has been switching off, on overnight charge and taking 2-3 attempts to get it to switch back on.

    As per their advice I tried a new charger and cable but no difference.

    As I've read here, this fault started after last update, so it does look like a bug?

    Also my battery when fully charged always gave me approx 2 days usage, now at 98% charge it says only 20 hours left?

  • Definitely seems like a bug introduced on the latest firmware, as this is the common denominator for all people in this thread.

    Regarding changed power consumption. Actually, I noticed this as well since latest firmware. On 4G/5G, it seems that battery consumption has increased dramatically, reducing its life significantly. When connected to Wi-Fi, however, battery usage appears normal.

  • Holding power button on my phone (Nokia x20) for a few seconds or in fact holding the power button for as long as you like it does nothing. Only soft reset works, I have sent my phone back to Amazon for repair or they can give me back my money.

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    I saw a comment elsewhere that reboots happen when google play starts auto updating certain apps. And as google play usually does that only when charging, these events become connected

  • Tried the advice on here, set screensaver to come on while charging. Worked for me😁 phone was on and alarm worked this morning.

    Thanks to abecedario for the tip👍

  • Update on my first complaint about my x20 not switching on - I've got around that by not charging overnight however there now seems to be new problem. The battery. One of the reasons I got the x20 was because the battery life was excellent, lasting 2 days. Now it seems it barely lasts a day. Sometimes needs recharge after only a few hours. What is going on with this phone?! I've been a great fan of Nokia for years but here I am expecting delivery of a Samsung because of Nokia's bugs or whatever they are. Anyone know what's going on?

  • I thought only me getting the problems. After the security update, all my battery info disappeared. It was teririble.

  • Hi, same issue here. Customer support really unhelpful. Definitely the last update has caused this. Shame on you Nokia as you don't seem to be aware or care. Advised factory reset. What a waste of time. Love my x20 but this is just silly. I'll try the screen saver thing and await another update.

    Btw smarty pants... Buy a Samsung... Had plenty of dodgy updates on my Samsung phones too...

  • same problem here. charged overnight and the next morning the alarm not ring. Need soft reset to (reboot)

    Definitely bug need fix!!

    (Will try the screen saver and reply later)

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    They claim to be preparing a fix to be released next week.

  • I just downloaded an update and restarted my phone... Maybe that was the fix