Android 12 on Nokia 5.4

I received the update via OTA (00WW_3_250) and the system performance is still poor.

Several app notifications are not happening, especially when making purchases and not getting notification of purchases in banking apps.

The system's "Camera" app is horrible, you can't even say it's bad, it looks like the app is running at 10 fps when I'm trying to take a photo or record a video (problem that comes from the last update of Android 11).

System crashing for a few seconds on several occasions.

Removal of device reset option from Recovery (Volume key up + device on/off button, if device crashes at startup when out of warranty, what do I do? throw it in the trash?)

And before they speak, right after receiving the update, I did a hard reset of the device and installed the apps without Google backup.


  • After updating notification panel is so glitchy the animation always stops for 1 second when pulling down notification panel

  • Hoping that they will fix this problem on next update.

  • Are you try reset your phone?

  • No, just reset to exclude any software bug from previous version (Android 11).

    I just mentioned that it is no longer possible to wipe all data from the device outside the system started (they removed the recovery option), so if the device crashes on the startup screen due to any problem, it will only be possible to take it to an authorized one or throw it in the trash ).

  • Um.... I heard that nokia 5.4 phone is being tested and how to get that beta I'm looking forward to it