Downgrade to Android 11 in Nokia 2.4

I Can downgrade Android 12 to Android 11 please ?


  • There is no official tools available from HMD Global for doing this downgrade OS.

    If you have enough knowledge on Change Active Partition Slot for Android OS , then you can change it yourself otherwise visit the nearest Nokia care and get it downgrade to Android 11

  • Why?? What is better about Android 11 ?

    Please share your experience.

  • Nokia 2.4 becomes too slow on Android 12 as compared to Android 11 which was a lot smoother user experience. Maybe that's why he wants to downgrade.

    @mohamed mouchtar01 You can only downgrade it to Android 11 from Nokia Care. Request them to downgrade the phone to Android 11.

  • Besides being slow with a12, after the update some apps are not working as expected, as whatsapp, which only receive messages if I open the app, despite it's being allowed free use of battery and data on the background. I will look about the downgrade if there is no update to fix this.

  • Hi! I was reading a lot of comments and articles but nothing work...

    Nokia support said that they can not downgrade to Android 11 (so we are alone in this)

    I try many software, but I get stuck trying to enter to recovery mode..

    After put the device in fastboot mode, the only way that i found to the "next step" was with a software called "TFM Tool Pro" in the fastboot menu, click on "recovery mode" but It only pass to a screen with "no command" show on screen and nothing to do (even pressing the PWR+Vol_up or down like others models pass to recovery)

    My model is Nokia 2.4 TA-1277 I found a way that open the device and touch the test-pins but I neither know as to open it..

    do you have any new idea or advice?

    thank you very much