When is the Nokia T20 going to get Android 12?

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So far the Nokia T20 has had very bad support. It is still on the May security patch for Android 11 and it is now August. This is not matching the marketing description where it states -

Stay up to date with 2 years of OS upgrades and keep the whole family’s safe and sound with 3 years of timely security updates.

Timely is not 4 months out of date security patches, let alone the upgrade to Android 12!!

What is going on here?


Very upset customer

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  • CommodoreFan64
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    I love my Nokia T20, with it's long battery life, but I'm also wondering where in the heck is the Android 12 upgrade, that was one of the major factors in why I bought the tablet, and Android 13 just dropped. I hope the updates are not this bad on the Nokia G50 I just put in an order for to replace my Motorola Moto G Power 2020 that's starting to have battery issues. At least update us, and give us a time frame as to when it's coming. The update support will determine if I continue to be a Nokia customer after Motorola dropping the ball on the budget/midrange market here in the US.

  • I have the same comments as above

  • This is a direct quote from the T20 webpage:

    "3-years of monthly security updates."

    I too am stuck with the May update.

    This is why people buy Apple.

    My T20 is fine for the price, but Nokia has lied to us and I hate liars.

    When I contact Nokia by email, I get the runaround from "Elvis."

    I received better customer service from Lenovo, who allowed me to my tablet. It claimed to have FM but didn't.

  • Jim, if they advertise something. In the UK they have to do it. Currently HMD Nokia is in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority rules in the UK for the Nokia T20 because they promised what you said in you post but as we both know the T20 is still on the May security patch even though it is now August. This is terrible support from HMD Nokia for this product.

    Hopefully the money will moderator might read these posts and comment.

  • Seriously, this is just not right. I bought Nokia T20 for software experience.

    Still on Android 11!, no security patch for last 4 months! Still on L3 and not L1.

    Just sad...

  • Chirag Lathiya
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    I’m having same story. Still no android 12 upgrade at 22 August 2022. Also security updates are not provided after may. I will contact the customer care and know about their reply.

  • I would have hoped that the moderator would have come on and given us an update but nothing so far.

  • yes, it’s a real shame. This is the last Nokia product I buy. Android 13 is officially out and no Android 12 or Widevine L1 support for the T20. They’re the slowest company around and they do not keep their promises.

  • infinidim
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    Just got the July security patch for Android 11 for the T20. Seems to be stable.

    All we need now is them to provide us with the Android 12 update(hopefully it will be 12L at least)

  • Finally something, August security patch.

  • This nokia product might be the last one for me. At this point we deserve at least an ETA for Android 12...

  • I am in the same position completely disappointed with Nokia for advertising something as having regular security updates and timely platform updates.

    It has been everything but that! And they don't even communicate when the next version of Android will be out.

    Also disappointed that it only has widevine L3 support. The chip supports L1 but they seemingly won't bring it to the Nokia T20.

    The security and platform updates are the only reason to pick Nokia over any other generic hardware manufacturer. Given their recent performance on security and platform updates this will likely be my last Nokia.

  • velociraptor
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    I have just recieved August security update with Android 11 update on Australia.

    I guess Android 12, be damned, just isn't ready yet. I hope it brings Widevine L1 and comes soon but maybe I'm just dreaming.

    I'm HOPING with July and August security updates coming through they're getting back on track.

  • T20 is $100 off for Labor Day here.

    $100 Uber Eats voucher too.

    Perhaps Nokia feels guilty.

  • Ha ha.....

    What moderator...

    There is no moderator, there is no one from HMD Global prepared to put their head above the parapet and engage with users who bought their products...

  • Desperate tactics... Has HMD made a profit since it was launched?

  • I don’t think anyone of their IT or a person who is responsible for communication with their customers and reporting issues is even looking at this…. I have the feeling that very few people are working on updates, a bunch of guys who cannot keep up. They definitely want to sell more cheap devices to emerging markets and customer satisfaction is not their priority and they’re definitely not going in that direction. Aka Nokia is dead for me.

  • I got the same August 5th update, but my tablet froze during the update(it sat on the Nokia boot screen for 30 minutes), and I had to do a hard reboot, and then it was fine, but yep still no Android 12 like my G50.

  • What I really want from an update is being able install apps that are not compatible with my device.

    That just doesn't happen with iPad!

    Was hoping 12L would come to tablets and make all apps better. No matter how stupid the app, it works with iPad.

  • The really need to sort the Android 12 update out soon.

  • churchner420
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    I totally agree with everyone above...

    The reason why I got my T20 Tablet was the soon expected Android 12 update. Since April when I first got the device twosecurity patches dropped but that's it.

    Last week I contacted the nokia support about this topic and I also mentioned that the T21 and T10 are released with Android 12 and where the f..ck the Android 12 update for the T20 is... All i got back is that it will come soon...

    So I guess there is nothing more we can do than to wait.

    Though if I have a look at how regular the tablet seems to get updates (being quaterly) I don't expect the update to be released until November. For a tablet with stock Android, the poorest thing I can imagine.... Making my next choice really easy: buying the Pixel tablet when it is released

  • Nothing that you say to HMD Nokia support seems to cause them to do anything about this situation. I have raised HMD Nokia's advertising on the UK with the Advertising Standards Authority as they promised us monthly updates and clearly they are not meeting this advertised statement. If you are in the UK I would suggest you do the same. Maybe then HMD Nokia might do something about this situation.

  • Same f....ing **** in germany.

    This was my first and last device from HMD.

    I wait for the announced Google Pixel Tablet.

    They know customer support.