Android 13 Update.

Since its release, A13 has been famed for system stability. This is in comparison to A12, which begs the question, is 2 years of software updates enough?

If your phone came with Android 10 out-of-the box and you happen to have received A12, it leaves you in a very compromised situation.

A12, particularly for Nokia has somewhat been nightmarish. It's been plagued with endless bugs, instability, and an uneasy laggy experience. So what happens now that your updates stop there?

Before you suggest security updates, hear me out. They don't seem to do much. 3 years of security updates is not enough. The contrast between A12 and A13 is so stark that it's unfair to leave the updates at A12.

Android 13 is way better. I've used it on a friend's pixel and it's really fluid, smooth, and snappy. If your device is eligible, fingers crossed and pray to God you get the update. And good luck! You'll need it.