Make an official complaint to your country's advertising regulator

We should not roll over and accept Nokia's lies in their marketing about this and other products. In the UK, at least, it is against the law to make a promise about a product (such as guaranteeing 2 years of software upgrades), sell the product on that basis, and then just not bother to deliver.

I have sent this complaint to the UK's Advertising Standards Agency:

"On their website and on the product packaging, Nokia promises their T20 tablet will get "2 years of OS upgrades and 3 years of security updates" (

The product was launched in October 2021 with Android 11. Android 12 was made widely available in the same month, but now almost a year later Nokia still haven't upgraded this product to Android 12, breeching their promise of 2 years of OS upgrades. No OS upgrades at all have been delivered since the launch of the tablet - only security updates.

The promise of regular and timely OS upgrades for a 2 year period was a major factor in my choosing this device."

If you are disappointed by Nokia's total failure to deliver on their promises, I would recommend you send a similar complaint to your country's advertising regulator - we can't let them get away with it!


  • And now, they announce Nokia T21, a "new" tablet that is, basically a corrected T20. Are they going to change our failed T20 for a T21?

  • Ruggerio
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    If that would be the case, they perhaps should offer all T20-Users a free exchange against T21?🤣

    Would also be a possibilty to upgrade software, when changing hardware 🤣

  • TheManOfMuscle
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    This is great. Keep pushing, I only hope nokia doesn't roll out a buggy and messy android 12 update as a means to an end. Recently my motorola phone got android 12 and I regret upgrading because android 11 was superior. My phone used to be super quick and now it's slow as ****. These guys break things for no stupid reason.

  • Wow. The have one year time to upgrade to even an old os and still do not get the curve to get it right? nomorewordsihave - do this on your job...

  • @AdamW All going good so far, however, your complaint should be against HMD Global Oy UK Branch (London), and not against Nokia UK Ltd. Nokia UK (or Nokia Oyj.) is not the manufacturer, advertiser, promoter, or seller of these products.

  • When they delay something to the extreme, there are far higher chances of it being a mess than anything good. Fast fixes often follow a fast release. An extremely delayed release often is just for the sake of doing so, and they do not put further resources into it once that is done. The focus moves on to new and "priority" products.

    Let's still hope they do it better; however, the kind of Android 12 there is on the Nokia T10, I swear you're happier on Android 11. I don't know if I should blame Google for creating the mess with poor quality software or to hmd, who can't sort out Google's mess.

  • Hearing this I don't want the android 12 update anymore. My suspicions are confirmed. I haven't used the nokia t10 but my nokia t20 is super fast on Android 11 and I'd hate for it to turn out like my motorola phone, which recently got the android 12 update and turned it into a potato phone. Android 12 is just not good as an OS. I wish I was wrong and hmd gets it right but the probability of that happening is close to zero since it's hmd. Android 11 on the t20 is good as it is. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. What they do need to fix are the known problems such as the wifi issues and the widevine certifications.

  • Ruggerio
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    quite correct - i owe also a Pixel 4a 5G, with A12 like a rocket, with A13 like a rocket...

    Of course, they develop the software for their products. But compared to what we actually see on Android one (with T20 and T10), this just leaves me the question: is android one dead oder mid-alive? If this is so, why still counting on that software? And: why do other Products of HMD A12 since months?

    The truth of the dacota indians: "if you ride a dead horse, climb down the horse..."

    ...and before i forget: just have a look, what the big south korean company does...

  • I remember reading that nokia was rebranding android one to something else. So yes, android one is being phased out.

  • October 20 2022 ??? Nokia t20 android 11

    This is a scam.

  • You're doing the whole community a huge favor. Hmd's deception has gone on long enough.

  • Thank You, from all of the Nokia Tab T20 Buyers. We shall get justice soon. Hope so...

  • @AdamW Tab T20 is receiving A12 update in Finland. Should get in other countries soon too.

  • Dont have anything against HMD . They are doing good job and they are always keeping their promise. Sometimes we have to wait longer, but update always comes...

    They are young company doing their best and i will always support them <3

  • Any ideas when the T20 will be updated to Android 13?

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