Which current Nokia phone can take 4K video.

hz10 ✭✭

I checked their smartphone page (https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_us/smartphones) but could not figure out which ones support the 4K video. Could anyone shed some light on this?

I know some discontinued models support 4K videos. I'd like to get a current one.


  • Hi @hz10

    For the year 2022, there is no Nokia that is capable of 4K video recording. The Nokia X30 is their latest mid-range **** flagship. However, it only supports 1080p recording due to limitations set by Qualcomm at the CPU level. All other Nokia phones are lower mid-range, and the CPU restricts them for their video recording capabilities.

    Before this, the Nokia 8.3 could record in 4K resolution. But Nokia 8.3 is already too old and should not be preferred anymore unless available for a significantly lower price.

  • Thank you, @singhnsk. This helps a lot.

  • harolddavies0610
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    You can consider Nokia 5.4 mobile . This phone has a 48MP Quad camera that gives you total creative control and advanced video recording and cinematic effects . This phone has ZEISS optics and dual-tone flash that make every picture worthy of sharing. It can also record 4K video and grab high-quality stills in an instant. This phone has a dual-sight mode that lets you use both front and back cameras simultaneously for split-screen photos and videos. It can also record 4K video with Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio. Play online game mobile: https://cookieclicker.one/