Terrible after android 12 update

Phone was perfect and topnotch before the update. Now it hangs at every scroll, fingerprint disappeared in settings (a soft reset fixed this), wallpaper app disappeared but shows 'installed' in Google store, Facebook videos freeze, UI of the phone is annoying... The phone is a mess. So much regret!!


  • Exactly my experience since the recent upgrade. It is really annoying. The phone freezes at every touch.

  • Mine does the same thing! It was great before the update to 12, I was really impressed. But now the phone is barely usable. I hope I'm never in a situation where I need to quickly record something. Has anyone had success with a fix? Thank you.

  • My issue is that I don't get an audible notification for messages

  • Certainly will not be recommending Nokia to anyone ever.

    It is so frustrating not to mention the lack of support from Nokia!