New camera software and Android 13

When all the "X"series get new camera software using in g60 and x30.when will be Android 13 coming ?.

Android 13 can wait,but we need the new more advanced camera software in our X series too.I guess X series is the flagship product line.The nokia X20 camera can be improved by the new camera software with improved algorithm and specs.


  • I will doubt that they will add the improved camera algos to the X30. They have barely improved camera system with updates in the past. But okay, we will see what happens this time around.

    The X20 received an Android 13 Beta in the past. That should have made it easier to publish the final build of the Android 13. We are still only waiting though. The silence from hmd's side is sometimes disappointing.

  • Android 12 was released to the Pixels last year October, X20 received it in December.

    Following this logic, I would anticipate we will get Android 13 sometimes in October.

    No camera updates I think....

  • Nokia updated camera interface and added some.I think they will available only for x30 and g60

  • The Camera app from the Nokia G60 works on my Nokia XR20, so, maybe they'll actually issue the new version to all phones officially.

  • Where did you get tha camera app from g60,is it available in Store.

  • @AMJITH No, a YouTuber shared the APK from the G60 as he owns it. I sideloaded it, and it updated the current app on my XR20. Everything works as it used to.

  • Can u mention that youtuber,where i can checkout ?

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    Its ok ,i got it also x30 camera app.but results are not as good as they produce in that phones.

  • I got android 13 today. Need to test the camera and all apps in the coming weeks

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    which country you from

  • Hi I have a Nokia X20 with Android 13. Authenticator was working properly with Android 12 and suddenly, after update to Andoid 13, I can´t scan any QR codes because I just see a black screen with the red box when trying to scan. I reviewed the permissions and they are given, I stopped the app, turned off the mobile phone, tried to reinstall, nothing worked.

  • Exact same issue with Google Authenticator as AlexPap75. Nokia X20 after Android 13 update broke Authenticator and Lens.

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    Use inbuilt QR code scanner on the drop down menu, maybe it will help for some point

  • Anybody here has video encoding h265 setting in their camera. I strongly believe we had it before and not with the Android 13 it's gone 🙄 I cannot even find the Nokia camera app on the Play store to check for updates or anything new.

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    After new maintenance update, issue are solved

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    New march 2023 security update available now

  • Vik2023
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    Where can I find and install a new system update for X20 3.470, because it's already April and no updates come to my phone. I am in Europe..