Quick Charge 4 Support is there!

The Snapdragon 636 supports QC4. I don't know why Nokia hid this. I actually bought an 18W charger and saw the difference myself. You can see too!

Quick Charge 4 Support is there!

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The Snapdragon 636 supports QC4. I don't know why Nokia hid this. I actually bought an 18W charger and saw the difference myself. You can see too!


Here's the proof.


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     Nokia never hid this. It is also mentioned on the website that Quickcharge is supported. The phone actually supports only QC3.0 and not 4.0. And it was announced when the phone was announced/launched. Nokia is just not including a QC3.0 charger in the box to reduce the costs of making the phone.

    Users are free to use compatible QC3.0 charges and they will see the charging speed go up!

  • Can you please share a screenshot from Nokia's website where they said the phone Supports QC 3.0? Thank you in advance. Also, Snapdragon 636 supports QC4, not 3.0. cure my ignorance with evidence if I'm wrong. :)
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     I do not have evidences to support this :)) But I follow Nokia closely enough since countless years. I'm relying on information from Nokia's websites, GSMArena, Qualcomm and some personal tests which I/we have conducted. I might be wrong here.

    • First of all, if you check GsmArena, they mention the device to be supporting QC3.0. GsmArena can post wrong specs. So we can take it aside for now.
    • Next up, if you check Qualcomm's websites, you'll see that no Nokia devices appears in the Quickcharge 4.0 device list. Sure, that list can never be fully updated with truckload of cellphone brands and models.
    • But when you look at the QC3.0 device list, you will see the Nokia 6 (2018) [Nokia 6.1], Nokia 7 (2018) [which should be Nokia 7 Plus as Nokia 7 came in 2017] and Nokia 8. Again, the list cannot be comprehensive.
    • Now if you compare the processors from aforementioned phones with the Wikipedia processor list you referred to, you'll see that the SD835 (Nokia 8), SD660 (Nokia 7 Plus), and SD630 (Nokia 6.1) are all listed against QC4.0; but Qualcomm's own pages mention these phones to be certified for QC3.0
    Qualcomm mentions the maximum Quickcharge version a particular chipset can support. But that does not mean that an OEM is forced to make the device compatible with that QC version. It all depends on the OEM's implementation and circuit boards and the amount of current it is certified to handle. So, Nokia likely certified these phones as Quickcharge 3.0 instead of 4.0.

    You can find some phones using these same chipsets, but not compatible with any Quickcharge functionality. Like if you look at Oppo/OnePlus or Moto, they have their own technology to charge faster and do not rely on Quickcharge even though they use Qualcomm chipsets.

    I cannot give you an affidavit on this, but my understanding is that the Nokia phones only support QC 3.0 and not 4.0. I will some-day buy a QC 4.0 charger to see if I get any differences over the QC3.0 charger which came with my Nokia 7 (SD630). Now, this is again my understanding that it is a QC3.0 charger as Nokia did not stamp with an QC labels and I do not have access to detailed datasheets.

    Unless you have any evidences of Nokia 6.1 Plus using Quickcharge 4.0, I'll currently trust more on my own findings over yours. I'll still keep my search ongoing.

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    That was an amazing answer. Thank you for the enlightenment. I searched a lot about the charging Amperage of both QC 3.0 and QC 4but couldn't find any. My personal experience tells me that QC3.0 gives around 2.7-3A of current. This device gave 3.07A of peak current with 18W (9V, 2A) charger.

    You may be right that this device supports QC3.0.
    But let me tell you, as you're saying that Qualcomm's Website doesn't state that this phone comes under QC4 or even 3.0 category, If you look closely the list was updated last time before the launch of this phone. I've put the link in my video's description as well. You really gave me some useful information. Thank you for that. :)

    Another thing, I really don't know why Nokia didn't state the QC support feature on their official website, but my experience tells that this phone does support quick charge (3.0/4) and I've been happily using the 18W charger without any issue. I hope you get my point friend. Impressive answer.
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    I appreciate your input buddy. You see, the Qualcomm website only mentions 3 Nokia phones - Nokia 6 2018 (which is the Nokia 6.1, not 6.1 plus), Nokia 7 2018 (which is Nokia 7 Plus as we have no other launch of Nokia 7 in 2018) and Nokia 8.
    The Nokia 6.1 Plus is not directly mentioned under any of the category. So, Qualcomm either decided to merge the 6.1 and 6.1 Plus into 6 (2018) or the list is not constantly updated. The list is said to be updated in July 2018, whereas the Nokia 6.1 Plus) not X6) came out in August.

    That said, if you see Honk Kong website of Nokia 6.1 Plus, you'll see the word "QuickCharge" mentioned under specs. It doesn't clarify which version of QuickCharge, but certifies that some QuickCharge is supported. It was further confirmed by my friend from Hong Kong that neither the X6 nor the 6.1 Plus come with fast chargers, but both do support fast charging if we use a compatible charger. Your test confirms that at least QC3 is supported, which is definitely a good thing.

    There are no evidences in support of QC4 support. But i will still love to try out a QC4 charger. I don't see any of them available in India at online shops. The QC 3.0 is not bad tho. My Nokia 7 gives me a significantly faster charging when i use the original 9v 2A charger vs a 5v 2A charger charger from OnePlus. I use oneplus charger as my Nokia is from China and uses the Chinese pin socket which isn't easy to find in Indian houses.

    Good discovery tho. I know sometimes that faster charging is all that we need. I hope more people get to see this. And i also hope Nokia sells an affordable QC 3/4 adapted so that we don't have to charge our phones with a Mi adapted in the end. You see that hits on the nostalgia of using a Nokia. Although technology is the same, it feels sad to be charging a Nokia with Mi adapter because Nokia couldn't offer us one.

    I've also emailed HMD Global regarding the clarification on QC support. Let's see if anybody turns off (unlikely though).
  • I agree with you brother. The phone does support QC3.0 and not QC4. I'm bit confused by the fact that Qualcomm said the Snapdragon 636 Supports QC4, yet we have QC3.0. It may be analogous to putting a small thing in a big bag, just to cut off the price. Also, yes I agree that Nokia should've stated the Quick Charge feature on their official website and should've included an 18W charger. Thanks again.
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