i forgot pattern and now there is NO WAY??? to unlock it in android 12 update

user925 ✭✭
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i just forgot pattern and there is no way to rest.

so i try to go in recovery with android platform tools it boots to recovery but i can't see the menu and like other "no command" error. i try all button and no one works.... of course it show no command error not normal. like other phones.

so i try to wipe phone with fastboot commands. after trying it says "can't wipe lock devices".

so i don't care about my datas now i just want to use phone again.

it happen after android 12 update. I CANT EVEN USE MY PHONE AGAIN AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. btw am nokia fan🗿

any idea?😕


  • Hi @user925,

    The recovery mode is no longer functional for a factor reset on Nokia phones. If you have forgotten the password, then you need to send the phone to Nokia for a reset.

    Or you can avail a remote service that can help you. Such as:

    Other than that, you can't reset the device at your own capacity.

  • 15$ for a hard rest ._.

    with losing data.

    why 15$.

    btw that for your help :)

  • @user925 I guess the provider decides his/her price. And since it is not possible via any 3rd party tools, the care operator takes his risk? That was just one example. You might find other providers as well.

    You can always go the official route i.e. sending the device to Nokia or visiting a Nokia care point. I'm not sure what they charge in different countries. Here, it is generally around $6-7 for out of warranty devices.

  • I have the same issue,but a bigger problem.some how,somebody hacked into my phone and changed the screen pattern,and are now all into my bank accounts and everything else on my phone.

  • Is anyone online don't know what to do I'm locked out of my phone and someone is getting all my accounts HELLP