G50 Bluetooth dropping out after a few seconds

My G50 phone's Android 12 Bluetooth has started connecting to my car, laptop or another phone and after a few seconds disconnects.

Has anyone else had this problem and do you have a solution?


  • My G21 Nokia after Android 12 update my Bluetooth doesn't work for calls and WhatsApp calls lot of distortion

    Media music is well Bluetooth pairing is perfect

    But my audio calls not working please help i tried all possible fix resetting Bluetooth WiFi

    Please help ---yashzam1@Gmail.com

  • Also on my G50 the Bluetooth does the same connect and disconnects is there a solution Nokia?

  • colinbs
    edited April 8

    Same problem here, my G50 works once on Bluetooth and then drops the connection, have to disconnect and start again every time.

    Come on Nokia get this sorted.

  • Connecting G50 to car phone via Bluetooth. When I make call, disconnect s call after a few seconds. Can you sort this problem, please