Android Auto on Nokia G20

Has anyone able to run Android Auto successfully on Nokia G20? I can't get it to connect to my car at all. It seems that the head unit is not recognizing the phone as Android Auto compatible.

I've tried using different USB cables, including the one that came with the phone to no avail. Tried factory reset the phone multiple times, no go. Even updating from Android 11 to Android 12 did not resolve this issue. The phone can connect to PC just fine, so I'm sure it's not the USB port.

What's even more baffling is that after disconnecting from head unit, the phone's USB driver seems to misbehave ie. it won't recognize any USB devices (head unit, PC, USB drive, even mouse) connected to it anymore, until the phone is restarted.

My G20 model is TA-1336, 4/64, running Android 12 btw.


  • Maksym Poznakharyev
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    Faced with same problem. My model TA 1365

  • Hello :)

    Same here with the model TA-1336 running Android 12.

    I was trying/testing it with the BMW "Connected Package Professional" on a 2021 X3.

    The phone is recognized and connected via Bluetooth, cable, BMW App and WiFi. The curious thing is, that the WiFi connection is recognized by the car as a separate device 😶 Upgrades and updates also didn't help. Neither the debugging trick.

    In the end it also turned out, that the 5Ghz WiFi standard is kinda mandatory for the BMW system. Which I believe the G20 doesn't have. 🤔

    Also the plain simple Bluetooth connection is having problems. It can't play a song, without dropping the volume every 2 seconds. Quite annoying.

    It's really a shame, because I really like the G20. I use it for my travels abroad and I keep using it after I return back home for at least a week or two. All until I have to jump back into my car... Then I'm kinda forced to use my "bloat-weary" Samsung.

  • For my XR20 and wired android auto, I have to turn on OTG each time before I plug the USB cable in. Then it works. Pain in the ****.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately there's no OTG option on G20. I've tried changing the default behavior when connecting USB cable to "data transfer" (through developer option) but it still won't connect.

    Anyway a quick update: even after upgrading to Android 13, wired Android Auto still won't connect to my head unit or my wife's head unit, which is of different brand (Mitsubishi OEM) than mine (Clarion).

    Hopefully HMD can fix this issue in future update. I love the device, but no Android Auto support is almost a deal breaker for me. 😔

  • Hi all I'm having the same problem just after buying a new citroen c4 a few weeks back try everything difference c cables but still won't connect to the android auto but the strange thing is my g 20 phone works on my wife car with no problem connecting to the android auto in her car, also I bought a second hand iphone 7 and that connect to the android auto but not my nokia g20, was talking to one of the tech guys here last night and he told me to

    ''We recommend that you reset the networks. Be aware that this will erase all mobile networks, wi-fi and even Bluetooth. To do so, please go to Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options> Reset Wifi, mobile and Bluetooth. Then restart the phone in this way: Press the power button together with the volume up button for 10 to 15 seconds. Until the phone turns off then it will restart. Afterwards check if it continues happening or not please.

    and on your multimedia device in your vehicle, please enter the bluetooth options and delete all devices that have been previously paired''

    Did that but still won't connect, anybody here knows how to solve this problem thanks

  • Reads like this forum is a load of tech people who don't have the answers thanks

  • i am having the same problem since the android 13 update. can't connect to the car or my computer. cant change the usb connection settings.