Any idea of launching your new 5g phones in India???

5g is officially launching on October as per reports


  • Hi, both the G60 and X30 will be launched in India. As to when such a launch will take place, we will have to wait 🙂

  • I got an email from nokia about x30 in stores now ,but website is not updated.

  • That's for UK, AFAIK. They did not send any mailer for India release :/

  • Why did they send mail to me, although i bought the phone from uk.But my current location is in India.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    @AMJITH Generally, they'll send you updates based on the locale page from where you signup for their email list and it can't automatically change if you move to another location. They don't track your location from the phone to update your subscribed lists.

    Maybe you submitted the form for tree plantation on the UK locale or some other form that signed you up for that region's email list.

  • Talking about updates, until it's certain that we'll actually get system updates I wouldn't bother buying a G60. Some variants, like the TA-1479 6/128 GB version have never received any updates yet, so still on July update it shipped with.

  • Nokia G 60 & Nokia X 30 will launch in India on December month most probably by 15th to 30th December.

    And I suggest to go with G 60 phone as of reasonable price and has expandable slot with 128 internal.

    X 30 is good for gorilla victus glass and IP67 water and dust proof. But no expandable memory. If Nokia had option for 256 gb than was with to buy.

  • Nokia G60 5g launched in India for ₹29,999 only 😂

  • I wouldn't recommend buying one until they sort out their update mess.