G20 Random wifi dropping...

all day, everyday , phone dosconnects from my router. My other phone (Sony) doesn't..it's fine..so not my router.

I've pretty much exhausted suggestions on various websites but the issue remains. Even when it's dropped and i go to connect it sometimes just won't connect.

I'm happy to try any new suggestions otherwise it's going in the bin and I'll buy something that works...very frustrating...Android 12 related ? possibly..I don't know, i'm exhausted and exasperated !


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    Hi @jacko50, was your phone updated to Android 12 recently? If yes you may have received September 2022 security update alongwith Android 12.

    Either the updates could be the reason that you have been facing issues with connectivity. In fact since the day I have been joining in the community, more and more times I have been d reading the complaints about bugs and issues in several Nokia Devices after they got updated to Android 12. I hope next security update or as an update.

  • Yes I've received android 12 update and the September security update too. It's been impossible to find what the problem is tbh, I've tried dozens of potential fixes by changing various settings but problem still exists. It's just gone off 4 times now when I opened my email app,

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    I understand the issue. But what I believe that this may be the problem with the update tha was installed. There might be a chance tha you may get an update within few weeks as it will contain fixes for th existing bugs. It is understandable how much annoying it is having issues like you have been going through.

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    You said that whenever you open the email app, the Wi-Fi gets turned off frequently l. Does it happen with opening email apps or other apps that require internet connectivity.

    My second question is when you enable cellular data i.e. 4G or LTE or LTE+ instead of Wi-Fi, do you still face the same issue, does the cellular data gets turned off frequently?

  • I turned mobile data off because with wifi dropping so frequently I ended up automatically using data which could prove expensive if I haven't noticed. So, it looks like mobile data stays on regardless of the wifi drops. I am aware ofcertain Apps that can switch to data if wifi signal fails..so I trawled through my Apps to stop this to test if they were triggering the wifi problem...It didn't make any difference. Similarly battery saver has been turned off, I also switched to Device MAC instead of randomised default MAC as that was supposedly a 'cure'.....

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  • do Nokia actually read this board..or interact with customers at all...or is just users trying to sort out their own problems between themselves ?

  • I got the same issue after September security update. Maybe it is related to new security or power management profile from that update. The bug is quite annoying 🥲. I hope they fix it soon.

  • well that didn't last long..the fix I did in October is now no longer effective and wifi is in chaos again

    it either refuses to connect

    cannot find my wifi

    comes on when I start phone and immediately goes off when I open App (any App)

    have tried the usual things - forgetting my wifi and reinstalling, checked the settings I did are the same as before

    has there been another system update (how do you find these by the way)..?

    I've never had such issues with Sony phones , my Sony tablet connects perfectlywith no issues ever, but Nokia is just cheap crap and this time I've had enough tbh. I'll never ever buy another Nokia product,backto Sony I go.

  • have turned location services off, latest recommendation...

    no change..

    but, my wifi seems to be scanning all the time and I notice I have a neighbour with powerful wifi signal, which sometimes is more powerful than mine..could this be the phone trying to connect to strongest signal then finding it can't, but then can't reconnect to my wifi ?

    is there a way to block neighbours wifi on my phone ?

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    still here..7 months later...same issues, never fixed byNokia...wifi keeps turning off...Nokia don't care...

    customer care ? haha