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I was hoping things would improve with the G60 regarding update availability. However, in Australia we're still stuck on the July update. Nobody in a forum discussing the phone has received anything newer, and now being over three months old its red in settings.

All I can say is it's put them off a bit. Things need to improve.


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    Same here @user1529883076460 in India. Nokia G21, Nokia G11 and Nokia T20 users haveben waiting. I have G21 and have July 2022 Security update.

  • Yes, the T20 is still on Android 11. The G60 is a nice phone, it's a noticeable improvement over the G50.

    The G50 however is at least on September update. The red mark in settings because it's over three months since the last security update is a bad look on a new device.

    Supposedly there's a build update that also takes it to the August security update, but nobody I have discussed this with online have received it. Maybe they're just blocking the update in Australia where I am, for no apparent reason. These are retail phones, the old carrier blocking argument doesn't stand.

  • Supposedly build 00WW_1_130 should be available after 17 October. My phone, as are other in Australia and many other areas are on 00WW_1_040, and never got 00WW_1_100 with August security update and therefore not the September update either.

    All of this info is on the Nokia security maintenance page. https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/security-updates

  • Really would like to not have the idiot Assistant. Don't trust Google any longer as they have violated too many trust issues. Their Assistant monitors you too much just like micro stuff Edge. So I have to disable Google to disable the idiot Assistant

  • G60 5G買回來兩天的時間 竟然自己自動關機 然後再也無法開啟 變成 死機😡😡😡😡

    花了那樣多錢請人宣傳 竟然變成這樣爛的手機😡😡😡😡

    真的令我非常的失望 我不會推薦任何人買G60 5G這個手機!!! 真是令人憤怒!!!


    原本期待NOKIA回歸榮譽光芒 結果 都是幻想!!!!

  • G60 5G買回家大約兩天的時間 自己自動關機 然後你無法開啟 變成死機😡



    真的讓我非常的絕情 我不會推薦任何人買G60 5G這個手機!!!真是令人嘆為觀止!!!




  • Recibida actualización de octubre de 2022.


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    No October update here

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    Sin embargo, no hay actualización para el G60 aquí. Es bueno ver que alguien al menos recibió una actualización. Hace un tiempo, muchos de nosotros en Australia estamos atrapados en julio. ¿Qué tamaño tenía para el G60?

    Disculpas si la traducción fue mala.

    No update for the G60 here though. Good to see someone at least received an update. A while lot of us in Australia are stuck on July. What size was it for the G60?