Can anyone please tell me when Nokia 5.3 will receive Android 12 update

I am fed up asking this question, but no one , even none from customer care could tell me if nokia 5.3 will recieve Android 12 update. Please at least tell me if my device is eligible for Android 12 or not. If it's not then some one please suggest me a compatible rom for the device, I am so exhausted with the bugs that came with Android 11.


  • Nokia promised 2 years of Android OS updates and 3 years of security updates. The 5.3 was released in April of 2020, that is 2 years 6 months ago. With only 6 months of life left I can't imagine a company devoting software development resources to end of life products. Given the existing driver problems going unaddressed for a very long time I can only assume there will be no Android 12 update. Android 13 came out two months ago it would also be a very weird time to deliver Android 12 to a device that becomes obsolete in 6 months.

    Nokia is *not* the only one to blame though, Google makes it excessively time consuming to upgrade Android and transition kernel module drivers to new kernels. Google expects far too much software talent at handset and component vendors when it should be placed squarely on the shoulders of experts at Google to provide backwards compatibility like Windows. Google's OS philosophy is like Microsoft expecting Dell to maintain GPU code for Nvidia GPUs. Dell can package Nvidia's GPU drivers all day everyday, but they couldn't code for the driver itself if their lives literally depended on it. It's completely non-sequitur for people to expect otherwise on Android. The widespread failure of handset vendors to deliver OS updates is all the proof needed to confirm this. Users need to stop blaming handset vendors for Google's wretchedly underdeveloped neglected OS.

    Google keeps selling how they have made strides in keeping core apps in Android updated. They ignore the absolutely critical kernel module driver support fundamental to the operation of the device. Google is not fit to develop a modern OS for use with other hardware vendors.

  • Good news for us

  • I'm on T-Mobile in the US (I am a Florida man) and there is no Android 12 update here. Either we are very early in deployment or it's a mistake. Maybe they confused the 5.3 and 5.4? The 5.4 does have Android 12 and it looks the same as the 5.3, aside from the flash light location.

  • As I just logged in, from India, my answer is, we got it. Time I don't remember, but a few months already over! For the new phone I purchased - PRICE - it is good. I don't expect any more ROM updates, may be security updates might be given

  • Nokia 5.3 released Android 12 for specific build version 00WW_3_400 on above released os12.For below that version never get os 12 upgrade.

  • Mine is on 00WW_2_290_SP02 (and I live in India). No wonder mine hasn't got Android 12, yet.