Nokia G400 with Verizon, USB to PC Connection.

Alright, I made the jump to 5G with a Nokia G400 model TA-1476 unlocked. I am in the US, carrier is Verizon. Everything I read said the G400 would not work with Verizon, but works fine for me. Able to connect the phone to PC via USB 3.1 type A or C ports only. Computer is a Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5. However no issues with the USB 3.0 ports on an HP Probok 640 G1 laptop. Both are running Windows 10 Pro. Incredible battery, started using the G400 this past Saturday, as of this post 28% remaining.


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    Hi @geishaslave, that's quite an exciting development. Can you use Verizon's 4G and 5G networks, including support for VoLTE/VoNR calls?

    Verizon generally does not allow its network to be used on devices they don't explicitly approve. Maybe they are changing?

  • Hello @singhnsk thanks for your response.

    In Settings --> Mobile network, 4G Calling is greyed out and set to enabled, so does that mean YES both 4G and 5G networks?

    In Phone --> Recents, the entries show VoLTE next to the phone numbers, so I assume that means it is supported. Sorry, not familiar with VoNR.

    Verizon allows BYOD so please reconsider your decision on VZW.

  • Just received the Android 12 October 5 security update OTA.

  • Update on the USB connection issue with a Windows 10 PC. Solved by going to Windows Device Manager, enable show hidden devices. Uninstalled the drivers for my previous phone. Now my G400 can be connected via any USB port regardless of version.

  • My G400 has HMD Global camera 98.12.32902.10 installed as a system app. If I go to Google Play Store --> Manage apps & device, then find Camera in the list of installed apps, in red there is a message that my device is not compatible with Camera. Have sent a message to the developer, but so far no reply. I obtained and installed HMD Global camera 98.13.35002.10 released February 2023. No change in the message about compatibility.

  • Just received the Android 12 February 5 security update OTA.

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    I am having similar problems with the Nokia G400 and its camera.