When will Nokia 5.3 Recieve Android 12 update?

I want to know about Android 12 update for my nokia 5.3 phone.



  • [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_One

    As the Android One [1] program demands: "Devices that run Android One receive OS updates for at least 2 years after their release, and security patches for at least 3 years."

    The Nokia 5.3 was released in April 2020, 2 years 6 months have passed. If Nokia did release Android 12 today the 5.3 would be irrelevant very soon - with no more security updates. An Android 12 update now would still mean no more support after April 2023 (3 years from release in April 2020). Android 13 is the current version, released by Google on August 15th 2022.

    More importantly: Nokia has quit the Android One program for their newest phones: C200, G50, X100 and XR20. There is no Android One branding for the C200, G50, X100 and XR20. Nokia is no longer contractually beholden by Google to provide Android OS 12/13 updates. Any promise Nokia makes about OS updates can be revoked if they decide to do so because there is no continuing contractual commitment to Google. Probably because they didn't deliver on years of Android One promises.

    The Android One program has been a series of many failures, not only for Nokia. Google's failure to provide a kernel with more portable compatible Linux kernel module drivers is a real problem. Google is mostly focusing on user facing Android software and their two other operating systems: ChromeOS (Linux kernel) and Fuchsia (Zircon kernel). Fuchsia seems to be a replacement to fix Android's limitations. Android's limitations are so bad that even the ancient Windows XP (2001) is far superior to Android in terms of compatibility support.

  • Nokia 5.3 started to receive Android 12 update

    We are all happy now? Yes :D

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    It's better than nothing but 6 months from now the 5.3 becomes abandoned since it reaches the 3 year lifetime in April 2023. They should provide security updates till April 2024 to make up for their extremely slow release, but they have too many SKUs to develop for.

  • I planned buying 5.4 but now i will stick with 5.3...

    Better late then never