The first article to heavily criticize the Nokia X30

Ever since Nokia X30 was launched, it has received praise from several websites and YouTube reviewers.

But I came across this article that has heavily criticized the Nokia X30 calling it a mediocrity phone.

It seems HMD global will have a rough ride making everyone happy.



  • Yeah, sadly one can see that the guy has No experience with the device, never heard of pro more in camera, also never entered settings to see if he can ajust the power button behaviour, i mean those are the basics when something is annyoing, you look in settings and search for what it has to offer before complaining. Sadly this days everyone is lazy at their job and release lauzy articles, sad...

  • Yeah that review is crap, bloke had zero experience in anything and it shows,

  • The main problem is that today people tend to judge phones purely by specs/price ratio. They say SD659 does not worth the price Nokia is asking, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE equipped with the SD888 is a much better buy. But it is not true at all!

    They don't see the full context like when do you need that peak performance SD888 can provide? What SD695 is not good for? Would you sacrafice battery life for that?

    Not even mentioning that the X30 has the same main camera module the S22 has. So it has all the potential. It does not record in 4k, who cares? Usually people does video in portrait mode what I go crazy about so the resolution is secondary until people learn how to record videos properly.

    Anyway, bottom line is the X30 is a good phone, I have returned before the X30 both the S22 and S21Fe due to its flaws (bad display, awful battery life, OneUI).

    I felt I have arrived home when I bought the X30 (I used to have and still have the X30, my daughter is using that with much pleasure).

  • I know, there's a similar reviewer in Sweden that says the camera is mediocre. It's sad that reviewers that say this garbage don't know what they're talking about.

  • I myself have tested the camera to discover that it's hardly better than my Nokia 8.1, if not worse. The image is overly sharp or is that just me?

  • I use it in pro mode mostly and n8ght mode. They need to work on HDR, it is a bit agressive. I do not know how the camera on 8.1 was, but this one ca doo very good if you know how to work on pro

  • The camera is pretty poor. It can sometimes take decent pictures you generally have to go into manual mode and mess around to get a good exposure in remotely challenging conditions.

    With HDR mode off, you can't have the sun in the picture without blowing out large portions of the shot. With HDR turned on, it's a lottery whether you get usable shot, or some ghost-filled, halo mess.

    My old Pixel 3 camera is far better.

    It's frustrating as it's a software issue that can be fixed. You can use a GCam port to get good quality shots, but you lose things like the ultrawide mode.

  • 2 big issue for my phone: Bluetooth and Speaker. #1 - Bluetooth crashing after every successful connect and needs to restart to get it working. #2 - Speaker quality (Mono Audio) is so bad quality and making lot of noise compare to other same price level (or even cheaper) phones.

  • Cico
    Cico ✭✭

    wierd, my device, it's bluetooth connection is stable as a rock. Can you be more specific? Does this happen with all bluetooth devices? Or with just a particular one?