Why Nokia G60 is set at such high price?

I was eagerly waiting for Nokia G60 assuming it to be priced around ₹15,000. But today I got notification stating it is released for price of ₹30,000; which is not at all fair price.

Who will buy a phone at double rate when other brands are offering the same specifications or even better at half of your price?

Looking at the price of previous G series phones, I considered this series is for average mobile users so price should be around ₹15,000 only.


  • Don't worry by February next year the price would have gone down bcoz I noticed Nokia phones when released are very expensive. But as months go by the price drastically falls.

  • While "other brands are offering the same specifications or even better at half of your price"...

    Here we go again... Because of you're coming from India you're care about more the price itself than the whole package what HMD offers to you. Believe me: the western buyer who wants to (for example) avoid the Chinese phones completely knows that a Nokia G60 costs more than a Xiaomi etc. counterpart - but the customer gets more for more money as well (software updates, superior build quality, reliability etc.) If you're just looking for the most specs for the least amount of money then buy a Redmi/Xiaomi/whatever Chinese brand is hyped the most right now.

  • Other brands earn money by lot of preinstall blotwares even samsung does that's why they are cheap, for Nokia you pay premium for updates

  • I think the price is ok it's a quality built handset

  • It's a good thing the price just dropped a bit in Australia, the Samsung A53 5G is on special everywhere for the same price they were selling the G60 for.

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    Hi! Does anyone know why I am I getting notifications on my Nokia G60 phone so late? When I open an app, all the notifications come together. And not all apps show the notifications. I don't have an issue though, but I just wanted to know whether anyone is facing the same or not.

    However, i am getting all notifications on my Nokia T20. Kindly enlighten me whether it's a software issue or a hardware issue or any setting change to be done? I asked my retailor about the same but he said there's no problem with the phone. But my heart isn't satisfied. So, pls tell me anyone. Is it a cause of concern or no? Thanks !

  • It's a nice handset I think the cost is justified at what it is now