Nokia G60 5G - Now available in India

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Hi everyone, as promised, the Nokia G60 5G is now available India with a focus on sustainability and durability.

It is made with environmentally conscious materials, solid performance, smoother display, super-fast 5G and the latest in AI imaging.

Along with premium 3 years of Android OS upgrades, 3 years of security updates and 2 years of warranty for extra peace of mind.

Keeping durability in mind for the planet

The journey towards better starts with the body and back cover of the Nokia G60 5G, which are made using 60% and 100% recycled polycarbonate respectively whilst maintaining the superior durability Nokia phones are known for. The device is housed in new packaging with increased recycled content and uses FSC-certified materials.

If 1 million people held onto their Nokia G60 5G for an extra year, they would save the same CO2e as needed to power 5,652 homes for a whole year.

Signature longevity made even better

Nokia G60 5G brings the industry-leading longevity to an even lower price point – three years of OS upgrades1 now come as standard to keep your device primed for longer and is supported by a generous two-year warranty at no extra cost.

Nokia G60 5G apart from supporting 5G NSA architecture deployed by Indian telcos also supports Jio True 5G SA network. Nokia G60 also supports, Jio True 5G largest and best mix of spectrum across 700 MHz & 3500 MHz and supports Carrier Aggregation for seamlessly combining multiple frequencies in a single robust “Data Highway” for unparalleled speeds

Exceptional AI imaging capabilities, more intuitive for life’s best moments

The 50MP triple camera makes capturing crystal-clear images easy and comes with our latest AI technology. This includes great features such as AI SuperPortrait for better-defined selfies whether a solo or group shot, Dark Vision for taking photos in very challenging low light conditions, and Night Mode 2.0 for that perfect city skyline shot at night. For ultra-wide shots, Capture Fusion technology fuses together images taken by the main and ultra-wide cameras, to make sure you get the full picture in more detail.

Complete with an all-new, intuitive dropdown menu for faster access to key camera settings. And with GoPro Quik App preinstalled so you can shoot, edit and share your creativity from anywhere.

A stunning display, at an easy-to-hold size

A 6.58” FHD+ display guarantees a breathtakingly sharp picture – and with a 120 Hz refresh rate, scrolling and swiping will feel super smooth. And with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 it’s durable and built to last.

Unmatched security for confidence that follows you wherever you go

Three years of monthly security updates mean that the Nokia G60 5G can be trusted to keep all your personal details safe for years to come. Stream your favourite show and shop online with total confidence you’re secure from online threats.

Enjoy an outstanding performance with the Snapdragon® 695 5G mobile platform which futureproofs your 5G connectivity and lets you get things done at home, in the office, or on the move. 20W fast charging tops the phone's 4500 mAh battery quickly and generates long-lasting battery life, even after years of use.

Pricing and availability

The Nokia G60 5G is a dual SIM device with eSIM also supported and is available in India to buy on & leading retail outlets starting today.

Nokia G60 5G is available in Black and Ice colour at ₹29,999 for a 6/128GB memory variant.


  • singhnsk
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    It is interesting that it also supports eSIM while having 2 dedicated SIM card slots. So, people aren't being forced to go eSIM if they want to use 2 SIM cards in the phone. Is it also true that the phone can collectivity register a lot of eSIM cards and the two can be enabled at a time? So, if I have 10 SIMs for whatever my marketing needs are, I can use them on the phone by converting them into eSIMs and then enable the 2 SIMs that I need at a point.

    I am glad that the 5G setup has been taken care of and tested for Jio's StandAlone 5G :D I hope the offline market sees the product's worth and accepts it. Good luck :)

  • Kartik Gada
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    With that front design for an asking price of Rs.29999/- it is much more difficult to sell offline where users first look at the phone and then proceed further to ask about the features and specs. The phone may be enough for most users for their day-to-day activities but the price is not justified. Why would one not buy a Samsung Galaxy which offers both brand value as well as good design and specs or Google Pixel if they want stock Android and long-term updates?

  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭

    Agree with @Kartik Gada

    The price is on a higher side IMO. At 30k, giving a dew-drop notch that was in fashion around 3-4 years ago isn't much attractive. And above all, SD 695 doesn't seems to be justified for this price at least.

    And at the same price, Pixel 6a is what most people, including me, will prefer. I was expecting it to be at least around 23-25k, which could have been suitable keeping in mind Nokia's name, and a sweet spot to add one more choice for users looking for a phone in this price range.

  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭

    There was NO BRAND in the past, and there will be NO BRAND in the future that will be so much ignorant of it's users, who purchase it's products and help them rise.

    I'm seeing this for the first time that the brand itself digs the grave of it's cremation, and in the grave, burying the expectations and hopes of it's consumers, who have always been loyal to it's legacy.

    Even small-time brands like MMX-Lava also entertain issues of their users, but this company, using the name of a legendary brand of all time, has NEVER EVER been serious about it's users. Be it on forum, or on social media.

    Hopefully, I'll soon be ending my association with HMD, and won't give another chance, the mistake that I did in 2018. All other brands, how-so-ever small, give their users attention, but here WE GET NOTHING. No replies to queries. No attention to issues and problems. No official communications from their end.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    @praveenp Everything else aside, please don't speak well of Micromax. That crap brand left even the promises of basic security updates - although the promise was of OS upgrades. Service centers don't exist. Batteries get swollen. Ample software/hardware bugs, just check YT or MMX communities.

    Micromax has already died for the 3rd time now. So much that there's no further chance of its revival. I haven't followed Lava much, so, won't say about them. But I'm almost certain that their customer support will be bad as well.

  • user1520881638007
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    Yeah Completely Agreed with your words. Even myself kept lot of faith and trust on this brand and brough devices although those were budget segment but still not up to the mark with the price what I do paid and even other segment devices are also treated the same with such worst experience.

    Although being very much attached with Nokia Devices since my childhood with Nokia Keypad and Smartphones, even in current hard times with HMD Global but still kept believing that HMD might roll out perfect device to grab it, But for Now, Took the tough decision and have bid goodbye to this brand and move to OnePlus Family with purchase of OnePlus 11R 5G and now I'm happy with the device for the price I paid.

    And to Nokia / HMD Global Company :- If your company still has life left over, PLEASE WAKE UP AND NOT TO LOOSE YOUR LOYALTY CUSTOMERS WITH SUCH DEVICE LINE UP.

  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭

    Yes. Agree with your points. My point was about their responsiveness, that even they used to respond to users when they complained, unlike HMD whose social media handles, at least in my experience, have either never responded, or just asked for details via DM using the copy-paste tweets that too after multiple reminders.

    For Lava, I was pointing to the fact that when people were asking about updates, they clearly mentioned when and what update will be released, unlike HMD, which once promised Face Unlock on Nokia 7+, but never even cared to work on it.

    I'm still using my Nokia phones with bugs, and I know, they won't be fixed ever, coz they had never entertained user feedback.

  • MoinChoudhari
    MoinChoudhari ✭✭
    edited May 16

    When Android 13 is going to be available in India?

    Almost all of the non stock Android eligible phone have been upgraded to Android 13.

    Nokia G60 5G being a stock Android is still lacking much behind in the race for latest OS version.

    I have been using Nokia from my childhood starting from Nokia 3110 classic, following with Lumia and now Android.

    Please don't let us down in race of Android.

  • @srijanbhatia any update on latest OS release in India?