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Hello dear community :)

I was curious, how the X30 fairs with Android auto? Does it work properly?


  • I have XR20. Wired android auto is a pain to use because you have to turn on OTG every time you want to use it.

  • I used Android Auto via my X30 in a Toyota rental vehicle recently and it was a mixed experience over hundreds of miles/kilometres on mixed roads/paths/trails.

    Not terrible but the phone kept losing GPS signal and had to have location services restarted a few times.

    Also, the Auto interface kept disconnecting and I'm not sure if it was the vehicles software or the phone.

    My own main vehicle is off the road at the moment, so, I'm not able to test the Auto experience further.

    Overall, it was good enough and I didn't really mind the technical issues as they weren't show stoppers.

  • I had experience with rental car from 2021 manufacturing and it works perfectly, but when I tried it with my car from 2017 it have really big problems. I still try to manage what is the problem. Next check is to try another USB cable. I used different cables for both situations, so I still try to figure out it working.

  • Additionally, it's worth noting that Android Auto itself is continuously being updated and improved, so it's always a good idea to keep your phone's software and the Android Auto app updated to the latest versions for the best experience here you can check more update related Nokia Phone

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    It works, but as with all android phones, it's extremely finnicky about what cables you use to connect. It won't connect half the time and occasionally takes several minutes to start working.

  • As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Nokia had not released the Nokia X30 5G smartphone. Therefore, I don't have specific information on the Android Auto experience for that particular device.

    However, in general, Android Auto is a platform developed by Google that allows you to connect your Android smartphone to compatible car infotainment systems. It provides a simplified interface and voice commands for safer and more convenient use while driving.

    When using Android Auto, you can access various features of your phone, such as navigation, music streaming, messaging, and making phone calls, through the car's display. It aims to provide a seamless integration of your Android device with your car's entertainment system.

  • Nokia 5 I suddenly cam5 receive calls or texts. I have checked settings which seem to be ok Allen